Pak Suzuki Officially Halts Bookings for Mehran

Pak Suzuki has officially discontinued the popular Mehran in the country. A circular has been issued in this regard.

The notification, widely circulating on social media, states:

Keeping in view discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran production, Pak Suzuki is constrained to stop the booking of Suzuki Mehran (all versions) with the immediate effect, i.e., April 01, 2019.

The company has asked its dealers to stop taking further bookings for the iconic hatchback vehicle.

The circular further said that the company will serve all pending orders received before April 4, as per commitment.

As soon as Suzuki announced to halt production of Mehran, other economic automakers are ready to fill the void in entry-level market.

Not long ago, United Bravo made a debut which couldn’t make much of a difference given that Mehran was still there for its due share.

And now, Regal Automobiles and DFSK Group of China’s joint venture – Prince – is launching ‘Pearl’ in May which is expected to take the Pakistani market by storm.

Suzuki also plans to compensate for its Mehran sales with the upcoming locally assembled Alto. Nissan is also working on the Datsun Go which should be another entry-level car for the Pakistani auto buyers.

  • From Real Car to end with Junk Product- Shame to Pak Suzuki to leave the iconic car with such body structure without FM Tape,Speakers, Backseat without Steel Sheet but springs to lied on the Structure.
    Shame to All Govt from 2000-19 for supporting this junk car.

    • Could you please tell me one thing? Are the people in government and Suzuki born in a different planet? They are our brothers, coming in from amongst us and are just a mirror of the greed that we posses within our hearts. I doubt that you could have done better over the period quoted by you.

  • Mehran Car jesi bhi hai, Middle Class waalo ki favorite hai,
    XLI , Honda City wagera to ksi Middle Class waly ki pahunch mein hi nahi hai…
    Iss k spare parts bhi sastay aur easily available hotay hain… aur car bh 7-8 Lac mein a jati hai….

  • Thanks to get ride of Mehran it was monopoly of Suzuki selling 4 wheel cart not car for high price no change in past 30 years same old model no seat belt no safety

    • I hope that you do not belong to group of people who do not wear a seat belt even it comes attached to the pillar.

  • Bye bye mehran … now we will have nice cars on roads… iconic Pak Suzuki Mehran.. its not iconic but frustrating we have no choice but in future we have.

    • What options? Bravo and Pearl? I would not spend a .8 to .9 million on a car that does not even have a proven reliability and durability record. Rather, in this much budget I would either prefer to buy an Indus or a Baleno.

  • Yaad karo gay bhaioon
    Jab jaga jaga bravo or prince kharab khari nazar aaingi
    Jaisa k kia pride ,cherry qq, chevy ls,

    • Same aesy hi Jesu Mehran and alto aj log dhakka laga ke chalaty hue nazar atay hain

      • I tend to disagree with you because, we had a Suzuki Hiroof and we roughed it for ten years without a hitch. Alhamdulillah

  • What about support for maintenance and spare parts. What will be the response from insurance companies. Will mehran be offered an insurance plan. All of these important questions need to answered in the article.

  • Reading some of the comments bashing the Mehran and Suzuki make me wonder about the state of people’s mind. Die? Napak? Are we talking about non human being or what? I guess people think that taking a wash makes you pak. That is why this word had been used.

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