Govt Approves Rs. 46.2 Million for a Textile Project

The Planning Commission has approved funds worth Rs. 46.2 million for a project titled “1,000 Industrial Stitching Units” to promote a public-private partnership for boosting the value addition in the field of textile garments.

The textile division would also establish industrial stitching units by strengthening small and medium entrepreneurs, said a statement issued by the Press Information Department (PID) on Tuesday.

Almost 60% of the funding for the machinery will be provided by PSDP and 40% would be borne by the beneficiary of the stitching units.

Accordingly, the Textile Division has signed a MoU with SMEDA for the execution of the project on 29th March 2019. Now, the project would become functional as the main hurdle has been removed.

The project will be implemented all over the country including AJK and GB.

The purpose of the project is not only to enhance exports of the textile sector but also provide business/self-employment opportunity for the garment manufacturers especially for youth at their doorstep, in line with the vision of the present government.

In this regard, the National Textile University will impart six weeks of entrepreneurship training to successful applicants. The project remained dormant since 2015.

The 1st phase of the project for the establishment of 150 Industrial Stitching Units (ISU) was approved by CDWP on 15th January 2018 at a total cost of Rs. 350.545 million.

However, no allocation from PSDP was made during the current financial year 2018-19.

After taking charge, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Textile has inquired about the delay in the project.

Under the guidance of the Adviser, Planning Commission was requested to allocate appropriate funds for the project during the CFY 2018-19.

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