Xiaomi’s Crowdfunded Thermostat Safe Shower is “Explosion Proof”

After the launch of the innovative lightweight washing machine and dryer duo, Xiaomi’s new crowdfunded product under the youpin crowdfunding platform is the thermostat safe shower.

With this shower, Xiaomi has achieved successful isolation of cold and hot water. The best part is, the shower head is explosion proof, which is necessary when it comes to keeping hot and cold water isolated.

The showerhead is constructed using SAE 304 stainless steel that has maximum rust resistance even in the most humid conditions.

The safe thermostat shower comes with a VERNET thermostat valve core that is manufactured by a French company. It is programmed to keep the water at 40 degrees centigrade at all time. in case of a large hot water influx, it cuts off the water supply to prevent the temperature from going up.

Thus, the manual work for achieving the right temperature in unnecessary in this case. Sudden water temperature changes are out of question thanks to the fail-proof safe thermostat.

The showerhead comes with a precision of 1 degree which is not at all bad. It will be available for shipment from 9th May and will come at a price tag of $119.

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