Pakistani Doctor Offers Free Healthcare Services to Immigrants in Texas

Overseas Pakistanis are the face of Pakistan and their actions play a huge role in projecting the image of Pakistan. A Pakistani doctor living in the United States is helping stressed immigrants at the border with their health challenges.

Dr. Kazim Hussain is the founder of the free clinic at Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville, Texas and he aims to help the immigrants who often don’t get to avail proper healthcare. He opened the clinic two years ago and used to provide free medical treatment to the immigrants once a week, however, with the recent surge of incoming immigrants, the clinic now offers 7 days service from 8 am to 5 pm, free of cost.

Talking about the most common diseases encountered by the immigrants, he said that a lot of people complain about respiratory infections and abdominal pain especially due to lack of proper food.

When asked about assuming costs for treatment and medication, Dr. Kazim said that he ‘is assuming most of the cost’.

I have an association of Pakistani doctors. Last year, they donated $10,000 and I also get some help from the hospital.

In the interview with a local media outlet, he urged the people to come forward and donate. Even if people donate $5-10, it can have a huge impact. He also appealed to the local authorities and the government to play their part in countering health issues faced by the immigrants who travel to the US from far off countries.

Via Univision

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