National Foods’ Made Easy Online Portal Makes Cooking More Fun

National Foods, one of the oldest and biggest companies in the food sector of Pakistan, has launched Made Easy, a platform designed as a complete cooking solution for its customers.

For decades, the company has been catering to people across the world. It produces everything from pickles to desserts and most importantly, spices and masalay that are vital to everyday cooking.

It is safe to state that every household in Pakistan has at one point in time used a National Foods product and with the launch of Made Easy, the company is only building upon its strong product base while synergizing said products and catering to an untapped market – cooking and plating at home like a world-class chef.

Yes, Made Easy will not just teach its users how to cook but it will impart skills to them that will help them elevate their dishes to the next level and truly make culinary art. The platform in its own words says:

At Made Easy, we know there is a confident cook in all of us, and we’re on a mission to prove it. Our easy to cook recipes are thoughtfully designed to simplify and inspire every cook in any kitchen, whether professional or at home.


We are passionate about creating opportunities where people gather together to rediscover the true meaning of getting social. To us, the kitchen is the heart of the home and we enjoy living and dining as Pakistanis do, by savoring authentic ingredients and gathering to connect with friends and family around the table.

The platform knows its way around the proverbial kitchen and has hired renowned culinary artists to help provide everyday novices like us with the necessary knowledge and tools to create art.

Zaeema Tahir, an Instagram celebrity has been tasked for the food styling. Her account is a testament to her skills and we would strongly suggest that it is not for those on an empty stomach. Don’t say, we didn’t warn you!

In the chefs’ department, there’s Aisha Ibrar and Hussain Tariq who dish out mouthwatering recipes.

The Portal is pretty straightforward with all the recipes showing up in a chronological order – latest to oldest – and each recipe has the cooking time, serving size, ingredients, and directions under easy to read headings.

All of this is in a step by step order, and whenever you click on a recipe you will see pictures of the dish as prepared by the chef and food stylist. Then you will see the cooking time and serving time.

Scrolling down, you will see the ingredients along with the quantity for each one and lastly, you will be able to see the directions in the easy steps – as easy as boiling water!

The portal has opened a whole new path for all the foodies out there. The platform is probably the first of its kind in the country with its minimalist layout coupled with easy to follow instructions. What truly sets it apart from other older platforms is the fact that no one had ever talked about plating the food, and the platform is aiming to bring in the younger generation by branching out from just desi foods.

The platform has tapped into social media; it has its own Instagram as well as a Facebook page which will help users keep track of the recipes in their own respective timelines instead of having to keep coming back to the website.

The platform was launched at an event held at the National Foods Limited’s Head office. It was hosted by Anoushey Ashraf and the platform was inaugurated by the CEO of National Foods Limited, Abrar Hassan.

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