ASF Official Caught Beating a Man for Refusing to Pay a Bribe [Video]

Bribery has been plaguing Pakistan for ages and when the security forces are found involved in such incidents, it not only sets a poor precedent but also hurts the trust of the citizens.

Recently, a video of an Airport Security Force (ASF) official made rounds on social media, where he was seen beating a common man for recording his video while asking for a bribe.

The official was allegedly asking for a bribe and the citizen was seen recording him doing so. This all led to an ugly brawl as the official pushed him and snatched his mobile phone.

The incident took place at New Islamabad International Airport and a bystander made a separate video from his phone which went viral on social media.

Here’s the video:

Hooliganism by the security personnel is unfortunate, however, abuse of power is a phenomenon not unknown in Pakistan. It might be a no video recording zone, however, the unprofessional behavior of the ASF official is condemnable.

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