Daughter of Shireen Mazari Schooled for Ridiculing Shahid Afridi on Twitter

Feminism talks about gender equality in every aspect of life. However, the desi feminists have been led astray by false narratives.

These feminists emphasize less on the fundamentals of the cause and more on trivial issues; especially ridiculing men to promote a baseless agenda.

Although raising the voice in favor of women’s rights is desperately needed in Pakistan, some people are targeting those who are actually working towards woman empowerment under the guise of gender equality.

Such an incident presented itself on Twitter this week when Imaan Zainab, daughter of Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, termed Shahid Afridi as “an open and proud misogynist.”

Here’s how it all unfolded.

Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail posted a photo with ‘legends’ Jahangir Khan and Shahid Afridi.

And this was met with an uncalled for bashing.

Imaan pointed out Afridi’s comments from 2014. However, Afridi had later clarified his statement on the cooking skills, saying that it was quoted out of proportion.

I have been a big supporter of women’s cricket and if you ask our women players they will let you know how I tried to get sponsorship for them. A big number of my fans are female and I have always respected them and tried to accommodate them whenever they want support.

Another renowned journalist, Faizan Lakhani also came out in Afridi’s support for his efforts to promote education for girls.

UK’s Country Director for Shahid Afridi Foundation, Saima Khan also schooled Imaan for making baseless claims without even knowing the person. She shared her personal experience with Shahid Afridi, terming him very supportive and encouraging.

This is not the first time Imaan has found herself caught in a controversy. Earlier, her photos in a UK nightclub were seen circulating on the social media, which was met with a lot of anger.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

Feature Writer

    • Kyun nai hai bhai? Afridi kay aik remark peh uss kay character peh bol rahi hai Imaan. Uss kay apna character jab aesa hai tou reveal kerna chiye. ProPK did a good job of digging deep with this.

      • So true. But who cares what she has said about Afridi. He is a noble person of high calibre. He has served the community as well as the Nation. She is nobody just trying to get media attention.

  • Fake feminism is generally beyond my threshold however, Imaan’s nighclub pictures angered the Pakistanis?! is that a surprise still, all the self righteous and guardians to the gateways of heavens pricks?!

    As much as I never appreciated Afridi as a Cricketer, he is indeed a great philanthropist, surprisingly helping a lot. But who the hell cares of what I think :)

  • Probably i would go with Imaan comments. Afridi should not have made such comments on women cricket team. In Pak environment were the attitude is misogynous in genral, its v difficult for a female to come out and coupe with this environment. Then, ppl like Afridi are only making thighs worse for females. Afridi has also commented on men cricket team that Pak has no talent.

  • No comment needed other Tha. The fact that Pakistan is the Second worst country on the entire planet for gender equality. That’s enough shame for you me, Andy legend or anybody else. Shameful fact.

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