YouTube Picture in Picture Mode Now Available to Non-Premium Users

Picture in picture (PiP) mode, initially introduced for video call playback is a feature many applications are adopting. Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also have PiP support for their desktop version. It is basically a small window pinned at the bottom of the screen, letting you navigate between applications while also watching the video.

YouTube also introduced its PiP mode a while ago, but it was only available for premium users. With the usage and availability of PiP mode becoming increasingly common, there was no need to keep it as a premium feature so YouTube launched it as a regular feature in June last year only for the US. However, nine months later, the feature is being rolled out to other countries as well.

At the moment, users in Italy have reported the availability of PiP mode but apart from that, we haven’t heard of other countries that have received the update. The feature can be activated using the general settings tab in the application settings.

Your device needs to have Android 8.0 Oreo or later to be compatible with PiP mode.

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