Indian Air Force Finally Reveals So Called “Proof” That it Took Down a PAF F-16

Indian Air Force (IAF) Air vice Marshal RGK Kapoor has shown Radar Images in a press conference, declaring them “irrefutable evidence” of destroying an F-16 in the 27th February dogfight.

He said that IAF will not make the details of the engagement public because of security reasons however it will show some radar images as proof.

IAF reiterated the same old Indian narrative that IAF’s Mig-21 Bison took down an F-16 jet before going down itself.

IAF’s official insisted that the electronic emission signature and radio transcript proves that the Pakistani Aircraft picked up by Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) was an F-16. He said that two parachutes were sighted and therefore two pilots ejected. He also said that the DG ISPR’s initial statement also mentions two pilots; one was Wing Commander Abhinandan while the other one was the alleged PAF pilot.

The press conference was held after US magazine reported that Pakistani F-16 jets inventory was complete and DG ISPR showed the remains of all Mig-21’s unfired missile pieces.

Red Circle and Track is of allegedly of PAF F-16 while the blue one is of Wing Commander Abhinandan’s Mig-21 Bison

DG IDPR’s Response

DG ISPR promptly responded to the press conference with a tweet. He said repeating the same story, again and again, will not undo the events of 27th February in which India lost two of its jets.

Even this so-called Indian evidence seems to like a face-saving attempt. It doesn’t prove that the PAF was flying F-16s and US confirmation has removed any doubts on Pakistan’s account of the dogfight on 27 February. Where Pakistan has managed to show on ground evidence of the actual aircraft, India has failed to provide any concrete evidence.

Several weeks have passed since the skirmish took place on 27th February. Both New Delhi and Islamabad have presented very different accounts of the aerial dogfight. It is however clear that the Pakistani side has been more accurate and less dramatic about the events.

Via: Fighter Jets World

  • it just means Indians lost the track of Paf aircraft , it does not mean it was shot down

    • There’s no proof that these radar images are real. they could’ve easily been doctored. It’s not hard to do either.

  • 2 Number Kaam Wo Bhi Pakistanio Se Aghe :

    Are Indian Abhi Bache Ho Tum :

    Ye Sub Bachpan Main Hum KARTE the

  • You guys live in la la land. If you had your way we would have to believe that Pakistan has the best armed forces in the world.
    Have you won a single war anywhere ever?
    The pilot you lost was a brave man.
    At least acknowledge his martyrdom.

  • Ok I accept that you sir down not one but two aircraft’s pl show us our beaten up pilot and may be burned body with crash site and Kashmirs surrounding it any part of actual aircraft
    Indian air force should not make press release because pressurised by government they should me downed 10 jets but sorry have no concrete proof

  • Unfortunately proof demanded by Pakistan is beyond common sense. The unnamed US officials could have counted even the damaged or debris of F16 shot down as one.Even a genius like Trump appreciated the intelligence of Pak Army

  • Stop licking your wounds, it’ll get worst. Accept the bruises and move on otherwise youll fall into deep depression?

  • Abey sharam karo one of the reason why your PM is on a begging spree around the world is because all your time money and resources are wasted on anti India propoganda.

    Pentagon has already refuted any f16 count on top of that do you have common sense to
    ask your DG ISPR where is the second pilot who was admitted to CMH.

    u live in fools paradise .

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  • abi tuk indians k dil se ye gham nhe nikla…abay saalon tmlogon na bollywood k producers apni army aur media me b bitha dye hain..lolx

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  • Israeli F16 hoga, like they shot their own helicopter down, they also took out and IDF F16.

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