Pakistan to Participate in a Global Green Business Ideas Competition

Starting March, ClimateLaunchpad has been welcoming applications from over 50 countries across 5 continents for the 2019 edition of the world’s largest green business ideas competition. Pakistan will be participating in the competition for the first time this year.

The program is part of the entrepreneurship offerings by EIT Climate-KIC, the European Union’s innovation program for climate change.

ClimateLaunchpad is set up to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their cleantech ideas into global businesses.

We welcome innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology or any other way to tackle climate change.

Hira Wajahat, Projects Head at Stimulus and Pakistan National Lead for ClimateLaunchpad:

We believe that Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change can only be resolved when we play an active role as climate-conscious citizens and take responsible action through active climate leadership. A green future demands thousands of innovations challenging current business models.

Stimulus is the strategic partner for ClimateLaunchpad in Pakistan and our intent in bringing this competition to Pakistan is aligned with our mandate to develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs. We have the ideas, now we just need to put in our collective efforts to make them a reality. We are honored to have dedicated partners and supporters including Lucky Cement, City FM 89, Dalda, Shell Pakistan, Women Engineers Pakistan and Funverks Global in taking our mission forward.

Frans Nauta, ClimateLaunchpad founder:

A green business school in disguise, that is how former participants refer to our competition. We train people with green ideas to become successful entrepreneurs. Since the start in 2014 we already helped 1,500 teams on their way with setting up their global businesses.

This year we will run the programme in at least 50 countries. We know climate change is solvable. We also know there will not be one single cure, we need – and there will be – thousands of big and small cures. That is why it is our mission to fix climate change, one start-up at a time.

In all participating countries, selected participants start off their rigorous training with an intensive 2-day Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is followed by intensive coaching sessions, leading up a National Final in each country. The top-2 of all competing countries will battle the Global Grand Final in November 2019.

The world’s top-10 best ideas win access to a regional accelerator program. The overall winner of the Global Grand Final also receives a cash prize of €10,000, the runner up gets €5,000 and the team that comes in third place wins €2,500.

ClimateLaunchpad is part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative. Over 100 partners, such as Accenture, Benard Schulte Shipmanagement, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Hellenic Bank, Microsoft, PWC, Sparebank, Volvo and World Wide Fund, support the competition.

“It is this kind of investment of time and energy what Climate-KIC is for. ClimateLaunchpad is a space for converting passion to action.” – Kirsten Dunlop, CEO Climate-KIC.

Information about ClimateLaunchpad, how to enter the competition and updates are available at (#clp19)