Pakistan’s Kekra is Among the Top 3 Prospective Oil Wells in the World

According to Rystad Energy, oil and gas exploration is off to a flying start in 2019, with majors taking a bigger bite of the conventional resources discovered in the first quarter

Rystad Energy, known for its research in the energy industry worldwide, highlighted that Eni’s Kekra well for oil and gas reserves in Pakistani waters is among three highly prospective wells in the world.

On the prospective new discoveries of energy resources said that Kekra well in Pakistani waters has pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 1.5 billion barrels of oil or equivalent.

The push for substantial new discoveries shows no signs of slowing down, with another 35 high impact exploration wells expected to be drilled this year, both onshore and offshore.

Three such highly prospective wells are already underway in which one is of Pakistan’s Eni’s Kekra well and other two are the Shell-operated Peroba well, off Brazil, with pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 5.3 billion boe and the Total-operated Etzil well off Mexico, with pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 2.7 billion boe.

“If these wells prove successful, 2019’s interim discovered resources will be the largest since the downturn in 2014,” an expert said.

In the statement, Rystad said the push for substantial new discoveries in the energy sector shows no signs of slowing down, with another 35 “high impact” exploration wells expected to be drilled this year, both onshore and offshore.

Global discoveries of conventional resources in the first quarter reached a robust 3.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Most of the gains were recorded in February, posting 2.2 bbo of discovered resources.

Majors are leading the charge in exploration, reporting more than 2.4 bbo of oil equivalent of discovered resources. The six largest discoveries by the majors each exceed 150 mmbbl of oil equivalent, and the top three could even hold more than 300 mmbbl of oil equivalent apiece.

ExxonMobil was the most successful, with three significant offshore discoveries accounting for a whopping 38 per cent of total discovered volumes. European majors Total and Eni are also in the fold with successful offshore wells in South Africa, the UK, Angola and Egypt.

Meanwhile, Repsol’s operated Kali Berau Dalam gas find in Indonesia takes the prize for the largest onshore discovery of the quarter.

  • Umeed Pe Pakistan Qaim hai :

    INSHAH ALLAH Bohat Jald (Within 3 to 5 Years) We Are Exporter of Oil & Gas. Aaameen

    • But doesn’t islam encourage you stay poor? Why would you wish for such riches? It’ll only lead you away from islam and towards hedonism. Besides oil and gas are bad for the planet and that is against islam too.

      • @sh : Islam encourages trade and commerce, a fair capitalism, read Peter Grand’s study on the “Islamic roots of capitalism” in 18th century Egypt, we’re not Hindoos where our “saints” are half-naked.

      • No Islam doesn’t teach you to stay poor, instead it teaches you how to stay humble even if you are rich. Did you read the concept of “aitadal pasandi” & “mayana ravi” in Islam?

  • Note that great natural resources riches are no guarantee of prosperity. We’ve seen the case of Venezuela and Nigeria in our lifetimes. I guarantee we will screw it up. There is no limit to the amount of money our leaders can waste if they set their minds to it.

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