Govt Working on National Electricity Policy to Resolve Power Issues Forever

The government is working on a National Electricity Policy for the development, reform, and sustainability of the electricity sector.

The state-owned news agency APP has quoted an official source saying as, “The policy reflects the government’s vision for the electricity sector to set the goals, key guiding principles and to provide policy-level direction.”

The policy will include a five-year National Electricity Plan that will roll out guidelines for specific initiatives required in a particular sub-sector of this sector.

Meanwhile, the government has also prepared a 25-year demand and supply projection and submitted to the regulatory body, the official said, adding that it will help to set the long-term direction for the sector.

He said the government was also drafting a policy for renewable energy with a focus to increase its share in the overall mix to 25-30 percent.

He said that many halted renewable energy projects have already received a go-ahead from the government.

The source also said that the government’s anti-theft drive has already started to yield results.

“From November 2018 to January 2019 (compared to the corresponding period of last year), AT&C losses were on a declining trend, while, in January 2019 alone, it has shown significant improvement with an effect of about Rs. 22 billion,” he reflected.

The source added that the Automated Metering Infrastructure – due to be launched in the near future – will further improve the detection of theft and leakages and will also manage billing and collections.

  • what is target of this policy? it is a update of old policies or a new idea.Role of NEPRA since its inception vs its achievements shall be evaluated or a fresh wine in a new bottle????????. what is future ofAMI projects being sponsored by ADB?

  • Privatise Discos that are plagued by nepoitsm please and have mercy on us. No policy will work until the political beneficiaries are not removed from office.

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