Govt Offers Huawei & Others to Set Up Phone Manufacturing Plants in Haripur

The government has devised a plan to bring Mobile manufacturing plants in the country where some companies, including Huawei, have been offered to set up plants to promote local manufacturing, besides creating job opportunities.

“The government has allocated land in Haripur, where mobile manufacturers would be allotted land for local manufacturing”, said Minister for Information Technology Dr Khalid Maqbool, while addressing ‘Huawei Mobile Pakistan Summit’ on Monday.

The minister further said that the government wanted to digitalize Pakistan and the country would require 0.2 million graduates qualified in modern technology in the next few years. Mobile would become an important tool in banking and education in future, said the minister.

Siddiqui said that the information technology sector in Pakistan is growing and rising and it has the potential to expand even more in the future.

He said that the IT and telecommunication sector in Pakistan evolved impressively, adding that this is the age of information technology and it is through information technology that we can transform our population into an asset.

The Federal Minister said that ICT entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) are our future. He said that the government is committed for the penetration of broadband in the country so that every Pakistani could get benefit from it.

Later, while talking to the media, Siddiqui said that Cyber Security Policy has been devised and authority will be formulated under Cyber Security Policy. He said that a regulatory authority on IT education will also be set up.

He appreciated Huawei for organizing Mobile Summit and said that this summit will provide a wonderful opportunity to experts in the ICT spectrum to interact and promote further development of the sector.

Vice President Middle East Huawei Sunxiaofeng said that 5G is coming this year and it will change society. He said that it would reduce the cost of telecom operators. He said that Huawei was the world leader in information technology and its revenue surpassed US$ 100 billion in 2018.

Huawei has spent US$14.5 billion in research and development and is committed to providing a secure network and cooperating with the regulator. He said that it had invested in Pakistan and created 25,000 jobs.

Economic and Commercial Councilor Embassy of China Wang Zhihua said that 5G will bring change beyond imagination. He said that Huawei was providing a solution to the world customers and added that his company had made heavy investment in Pakistan to provide services. He said that Pakistan and China had an economic cooperation framework and more companies had shown interest to invest in Pakistan. He said that under the PTI government, they are interested to enhance cooperation in the high tech sector of the business community.

  • If ICT entrepreneurship is the future, why did the IT budget disappear?

    We already have 23 licensed (and likely as many unlicensed) firms assembling (mostly feature) phones with a capacity of several million units a month !

    It’s s great tax dodge since they don’t stamp the required “Made in Pakistan” label that is visible so they can sell at the same price without the customer knowing. Same old friends and family business.

  • Wait What : Haripur ?
    No Better AirPort
    No Sea Port
    Long Distance between Cities & Provinces

    Kiya Soch K Waha Rakha ?
    Why Not to Choose Sindh/Pinjab ?

    • Have you been to Haripur? Do you know anything about Haripur?
      Also, don’t we have enough industries in Punjab already?
      Lastly, Punjab mein konsi sea port hai? =D
      Aap shayad bhool rahay hain k TIP ki factory bhi Haripur mein thi aur ussi k phone pooray Pakistan mein use hotay thay.

    • Bahi mera haripur ka revinue ka pata ha ? kitna , pakistan ka sub se bara dam haripur , hattar industrial area, TIP , nrtc etc agal na ho moun ko thora band kar lia karo har topic pe bak bak karte rahte ho.

  • I don’t think mobiles manufactured in Hazara need a seaport to be transported to other Pakistani cities. If they ever setup a manufacturing plant here it will be for Pakistani market only. They won’t be setting up here a unit to export from here.
    A dumb comment by Abdul Wahab.

  • If I’m not wrong, the KPK govt has declared Haripur as a digital city…. So this may be an initial step in the line… Why not Punjab/Sindh or Baluchistan? Better ask to their provincial government why they don’t take steps in this direction…. I’m not a pathan but I’ll surely downvote these foolish questions… If these city is away from the coast, that doesn’t mean that manufacturing can’t be started… Best example is Gujrat city..

  • Utilising the Haripur infrastructure of TIP the local redundant labor, could be an invitation to a cener of excellence for manufacture of 5G handset which Huawei pioneered from BRI regional markets of Huawei. This could be excellent concession to the regional market for tax free import of TIP 5G handset. What need to find out if Huawei could bring the center of excellence in the world for 5G and AI.

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