Romania Keen to Import Workers from Pakistan

Pakistan has agreed to allow Pakistanis to work in Romania in different trades by 2020.

The development came when Mr. Nicolae Goia, Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan, called on Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development, to discuss issues of mutual interests.

Both the dignitaries discussed the export of manpower to Romania and agreed upon deriving out a mechanism for safe and secure migration of Pakistani workers to Romania.

Romanian Ambassador apprised SAPM of the recent developments that have taken place in his country and the scenario that is going to shape up post-Brexit.

The Ambassador said that Romania is in need of the workforce and that Romania has the potential of importing as many as one million skilled and unskilled workers from around the globe.

Romania can utilize the expertize of maximum numbers of skilled and unskilled labor from Pakistan in this regard, he added.

The Ambassador laid down the details of the labor market of his country and informed the Special Assistant that Romania needs thousands of drivers.

In addition to that, doctors, engineers, construction workers and I.T specialists will be required. The current demand in Romania presents an unprecedented opportunity for Pakistan, he added.

Zulfikar Bukhari said that we are working with Germany to export the most skilled workforce as per the 2020 vision of the country. Earlier this year, Germany vowed to take in experts in robotics and other advanced fields from Pakistan.

Bukhari said that we are focusing our attention towards skills development in Pakistani labor. International Donor Agencies are onboard to invest in vocational training institutes. The demands of the global labor market are being taken into account to equip the workforce with modern technological expertise, he added.

Previous governments did not make strategic decisions, the incumbent government is inclined towards policy making on strategic level, he said.

Bukhari said that despite the fact that an unprecedented opportunity is being presented to Pakistan, we still need to work on the legal framework which will ensure the safe and legally protected migration of Pakistani workers.

Both the dignitaries agreed to work out a plan by making a working group consisting of officials of the Romanian Mission and the Overseas Ministry to derive out a mechanism that eliminates workers exploitation in the host country.

Bukhari also emphasized the need to adjust drivers coming back from gulf countries in Romanian market. The Ambassador agreed to adjust as many drivers as possible as soon as official demand is forwarded by the Romanian Mission and the mechanism is worked out.

  • wowww height of fako reporting. Romania is one of the worst countries to live in. Pakistan thousands time better. Also look at un employment rate in Romania. Please try to adopt S&P( Search and Post) methods.

  • Pakistan Government Unemployment Ko KAM Karna Chahti hai :
    Ab Chahy Wrost Country Main Q Na Behj De

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  • Romania is one of the poorest country in the Europe and it’s funny that they’re looking to import labor into their country post Brexit.
    Bhai, unn ki apni awaam Brexit k baad UK se uth k wapis aanay lagay gi, Pakistanion ko kahan fit karein gaay vo??

  • Romanians don’t want workers from Pakistan to come here, we are a Christian country and Pakistan has one of the worst records of discrimination against christians and women. We don’t want you in Romania.

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  • After living in Germany for few years now, I can endorse the bad reputation of Romanians (not country as a whole) living in Germany. In fact, one day 2 Romanians approached me, when I was on my way to Uni., for money. They were not sober by their looks. Another incident I remember. We guys were hanging out in downtown of Frankfurt. A Romanian “weird” looking woman, asked us for a cigarette. We guys had conversation with her. She was obsessed with Black Magic and was murmuring while talking to us. I am not judging or generalizing Romania with my 2 counters only but I do realize that Pakistan is a decent country and world is not that perfect as we imagine. Nevertheless, we should take every opportunity to make our lives better but at the end, Pakistan is our final destination. Pakistan is our identity.

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