Tropiciana is Bringing its Famous Fruit Juices to Pakistan

A renowned fruit juice brand, Tropicana, has debuted in Pakistan with 4 flavors namely Guava, Chaunsa, Apple, and Kinnow.

Based in Chicago, Tropicana is a sub-brand of PepsiCo and it is known for producing orange juices across the globe. With its presence in more than 70 countries, it has finally entered the Pakistani market where brands like Nestle, Fruiten, Slice dominate the market.

The brand is known for selling 100% pure juices as well as juices extracted from fruit pulp. For now, Tropicana will be selling juices made from fruit pulp in 250 ml packing only.

These are still early days for Tropicana in Pakistan and it remains to be seen how it competes against Nestle and other major brands. For reference, Nestle’s juices are made from a 31% fruit concentrate.

One thing is for sure; we will now have more variety in juices following Tropicana’s entry in Pakistan.

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  • The best juices they produce are the 100% orange juice with pulps. But they are not introducing that in Pakistan

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