PAF is Getting Mirage 5 Aircraft from Egypt

Alan Warne from Asian Military Review has revealed on Twitter that PAF is getting a batch of Mirage 5 (or Mirage V) fighter aircraft from the Egyptian Air force. He tweeted:

He interviewed the PAF Chief ACM Mujahid Anwar Khan on Wednesday at Air Head Quarters Islamabad.

PAF’s JF-17 Block 3 and the dogfight of 27th February came under discussion during the meeting. He also tweeted about the downing of SU-30MKI and the MI-17 helicopter shot down by IAF itself

Alan Warne is a military aviation enthusiast and has traveled more than 60 countries to experience diverse cultures. He is a regular visitor of Pakistan and has written two books about PAF as well.

Why are The Mirages so Important to PAF

Mirage 5 is a supersonic attack fighter aircraft manufactured by French Company Dassault Aviation. It was developed from Dassault Mirage III in the late 1960s. It’s a single jet aircraft with a delta wing design and can carry a maximum load of 4000 kg.

PAF’s Mirage fleet consists of 90 Mirage III and 90 Mirage-5 aircraft for interceptor and attack roles respectively. PAF modernized its Mirage jets in an MLU (Mid Life Upgrade) program named Project ROSE (Retro Fit of Strike Element) at Aeronautical Complex in Kamra. Some of the birds have been modified to carry out night missions and carry other sophisticated systems like Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imaging sensors and an integrated Electronic Warfare suite.

Pakistan Navy also operates specially upgraded Mirage aircraft for its maritime missions, equipped with French-made Exocet anti-Ship Missiles. The procured Egyptian Mirages will be utilized for the maintenance of airframes and spares for the existing fleet. These jets were also modernized under the Egyptian Horus Program around 2010. Some of the jets may even become operational after inspection and review by the PAFs engineering wing.

Although Mirage is an old aircraft, it’s still better in terms of range and weapons load as compared to the JF-17 and thus PAF wants them to remain operational as long as it can.

  • Hello Mr. Warren. Did you ever ask the PAF Air Marshal about the Fighter Pilot who got beaten up to death during the Dog Fight? If he was a IAF pilot under Geneva Convention are not you supposed to return his body to Indians? Or why there is no details about that pilot? What does that tell you? Where is his plane then? If you are a journalist be truthful first.

    • One simple answer to your stupid questions is nothing of that exists outside of Indian media and BJP politician’s statements. So nobody else would asks such stupid questions

      • It was a PaF statement that there were three Parachutes and the guy getting beaten up and being in the hospital all are from your own Pakistan end of media you fool. To detect a F16 electronic signature is not a rocket science. Why it take forty days to your fools to that bombarded area. To clean up and cover up??

  • Let’s face aviation history !!
    The Mirage V (or 5) is a version of the famed Mirage III which was match Israël Air force requirements expressed during the. late sixties….Simpler radar, thinner nose, more space for fuel, more hardpoints.
    This spécific bird was never delivered to Israël due to the arms embargo enforced by french government. But this type sold well in many countries, including Égypt…..
    We can hopefuly think that Pakistani and israeli pilots will one day sit and talk peacefully about the legendary Mirage…..

  • Hope someday sanity will prevail among the politicians who would look ways to find out as to how to co-exist peacefully. And spend these billion dollar bills on education, health and other similar projects instead of ‘muscle flexing’. The people of this sub continent want to live in peace and fade up with terror and conflict.

  • Can someone tell me that after upgradation of these mirages will be 3rd or 4th generation

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