RapidCompute & Excellence Delivered Partner to Offer SAP Solutions in Pakistan

RapidCompute and Excellence Delivered (ExD) recently signed a partnership to collaborate and provide SAP Business One solutions to the Pakistani market. The agreement aims to provide customers with the best of both worlds – RapidCompute’s cutting edge cloud platform and ExD’s expertise and operational excellence in implementing SAP solutions.

Excellence Delivered ExD is one of Pakistan’s leading IT services providers and has been recognized with the exclusive Platinum Partnership of SAP in Pakistan. The company specializes in providing quality solutions using technology, outsourcing of non-core operations and optimization of business processes.

RapidCompute is Pakistan’s leading local cloud service provider, powering the mission-critical applications of hundreds of enterprises all across the country. Retaining its status as a cutting edge cloud solution provider, the company recognized the growing need in the market for SAP services across multiple industries, including financial institutions, healthcare and manufacturing.

Mr. Ali Raza, Commercial Head, RapidCompute said,

By joining hands with ExD, RapidCompute will be able to offer Pakistani companies the ability to host and run SAP applications on a fully enabled, secure, cloud environment. Leveraging SAP on the cloud will help organizations streamline processes, act on timely information, and drive profitable growth. For many SAP customers, moving to the cloud will mark the transition from a legacy, capital-intensive landscape to a cost-effective, high-performance future.

With RapidCompute’s custom designed cloud setup specifically built for SAP, workloads can easily provide the heavy memory infrastructure needed to run SAP in the most efficient, seamless and cost-effective way possible. Plus, their pay-as-you-go billing model can help further reduce costs and increase project ROI tremendously. With 4 locally hosted data centers, customers can also enjoy the lowest latency between the RapidCompute Cloud and customer premises.

The SAP Business One model provides clear visibility into the entire business and will enable complete control over every aspect of an organization’s operations. It has the ability to capture all critical business information for immediate access and use companywide.

Mr. Ijlal Naqvi, Head of Sales, ExD said,

SAP Business One is the solution of choice for SMBs in Pakistan, however, many still feel that despite the growing need for real-time information through an integrated ERP system, it is cumbersome to build the entire in-house network and infrastructure. With ExD and RapidCompute joining hands, Pakistani SMBs can now continue to focus on their core operations utilizing SAP hosted on a state-of-the-art cloud platform, eliminating the need for high capital expenditure upfront. This one window solution for Pakistani companies strives to enable growing business the bandwidth to focus on attaining higher levels of excellence in their core areas of operation.

ExD is a systems integrator from Pakistan authorized to license, implement and support SAP, Oracle, Shopify and other leading technology solutions. ExD is the only Pakistani company to have been awarded SAP Platinum Partnership, as well as being an Oracle Global Gold Partner. With operations across Pakistan, the GCC and North America, ExD caters to a wide range of customers in terms of size as well as industry. ExD prides itself in offering global, off-the-shelf business solutions tailored for the relevant local market, comprehensive enough to handle business needs of all departments. Operational efficiency, automation and reduction of the total cost of ownership are key areas of expertise, in line with which the collaboration with RapidCompute has been initiated.

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