Upcoming Whatsapp Feature Will Disable Conversation Screenshots

WhatsApp has been busy working on new features, continuing to add better functionality and improve the overall user experience. Where most of the features make sense and are appreciated, like the ones that block fake news or the Picture in Picture mode, there are some features that make no sense at all.

In a recent update for WhatsApp beta on Android (version 2.19.106), the app has added a new option that blocks the users from taking screenshots.

Now, one would think, this feature is a golden egg for people who are picky about privacy and would not like others to take screenshots of their conversations. However, it’s the complete opposite.

The authentication feature is used to secure WhatsApp with your fingerprint or a pin code. With this update, you won’t be able to take screenshots on the app as long as the authentication feature is enabled.

However, the other person(s) in your conversations can take screenshots normally. Why would you use this feature then?

Since the news started circulating on social media, many people expressed their confusion as to why this feature was introduced in the first place.

Apart from this, the beta update will bring a new Doodle UI and WhatsApp users will see two tabs with stickers and emojis. The stickers tab will take the user to first and third-party stickers.

WhatsApp is also working on fingerprint authentication for Android users. We don’t know when any of the above-mentioned features will be rolled out to everyone else though.

  • There is no way to block someone from taking picture even in Facebook it’s just an illusion just like security is an illusion. It’s easy to take screenshot of protected Facebook profile as well

  • Not possible by these methods,
    1) Can take picture with another phone.
    2) Take screen shot with third-party app.

  • We want privacy on dpz like status and last seen privacy… And somehow hide online status like Instagram…

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