Careem Holds Meetings With Govt on Importance of Online Marketplaces for Pakistan’s Future

With a vision of creating job opportunities and accelerating growth via online marketplaces in Pakistan, Junaid Iqbal, Chief Executive Officer of Careem Pakistan and other senior management from his team conducted a series of meetings with top tier stakeholders in government to discuss the potential for growth, creation of livelihood and the opportunity to leapfrog the country into the digital future.


The team stressed over the importance of recognition of OMPs in e-commerce framework which have a huge potential in Pakistan’s economy which is getting increasingly connected to the internet.


Careem’s Marketing Campaign Promises That They are Here to Stay

Not only are they creating millions of jobs and encouraging innovation, they are also providing customers with access to a much wider range of services.


  • Careem service is poor now.
    Careem hired odd captains now a day , who are ill manared and cheater also.
    I have email 2 complains , 1 on thursday and 2nd, today but careem does not took any action against its captain nor give me back my amounts , i have claimed for.

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