Careem’s Marketing Campaign Promises That They are Here to Stay

With an interesting Jummah Mubarak tagline, Careem reminded its customers that recent news is not bound to have any impact on customers who have grown to love and rely on the service over the past few years.

The new campaign, headlined as “Hum Hain… Hum Thay… Hum Rahain Gay…” (We were, We are, We will be), offered a brand new promo code giving its customers 30% off on all rides across Pakistan on Friday the 5th of April. Careem’s ever-strong hashtag game further helped matters with their #JummyKaWada, getting social media excited even before the promo code hit the streets.

Careem’s new campaign offered 30% discount on all rides and full year’s worth of Careem credits with an interesting promo code JummahMubarak

To further reinforce the same commitment, Careem also announced that one lucky winner will win a full year’s worth of credits on Friday the 5th.

Careem continues to operate as an independent company under the existing Careem brand, with the founders, Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olssen leading the company. For customers, nothing changes! In fact, the recent developments could mean that Careem has the opportunity to expand rapidly through new product launches or further developments in their tech.

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