Pakistan to Make a Major Multi-Billion Dollar Arms Deal With Russia: Report

For years, China has remained the major arms supplier to Pakistan, especially after the latter decided to reduce its reliance on the US. The ties between the two countries have closely revolved around the defense purchases.

It implies that the South Asian superpower has somewhat monopoly over Pakistan’s defense market where the competition is quite low. In a bid to turnaround the situation, Russia is looking forward to making inroads into Pakistan’s arms market.

According to a Russian news agency, Pakistan has shown interest in purchasing Russian military hardware. The deal is expected to amount $9 billion under which Islamabad would purchase heavy and medium fighter jets, medium and short-range air defense systems, tanks, combat helicopters, and warships.

Prospects of Pak-Russia Arms Deal

The agency has cited Konstantin Makienko, the deputy director of the Moscow-based defense think tank Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. Makeinko revealed that two types of Russian military hardware can make Pakistan’s shopping list, i.e., the new Russian fighter jet MiG-35 and the heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T2.

However, the news has not been confirmed by Pakistan neither has there been any related story on the country’s media. Makienko observed that given the Chinese-dominated, low-competitive military market in Pakistan, Russia can get favorable terms on the purchase agreements.

He also said that Pakistan has not extended any request of technology transfer for localization of production as terms for the purchase contract.

From 2008 to 2018, Pakistan has received weapons worth over $6.4 billion from China. It makes China the South Asian country’s biggest military equipment supplier, while the US comes second with $2.5 billion in weapons supply, and Italy as the third with arms supply worth $471 million.

Notably, Russia and China have been competing to take over the weapon market worldwide. China has been granting certain favors along the arms deals to become a permanent supplier. For instance, in case of its deal with Thailand in 2017, China reportedly sold three submarines among and gave one of these as a ‘free gift’.

Via: EpochTimes

  • Su 35 will also be a good addition but having the same weapons and vehicles as India would be a burden ?

  • Mig 35 not only cost less than Su35. it has more tech than su-35. it has more rate of climb of 330 meter/second compare to Su35 280 meter/second. Mig 35 has better fuel economy . it has same attack stats as su 35. Overall it will be a Good purchase.

    • well, on the contrary, Su-35 is costly for a reason. It definitely has more tech, advance avionics, can carry more payload, and also it is an air superiority fighter which pakistan needs for patrolling, unlike MiG 35 which is a multirole aircraft that pakistan fields in form of JF 17 and F16. Also, Su-35 can also counter Rafael much better. Alsoooo, MiG 35 isn’t produced yet in double figures. Su-35 is tested and also purchased by number of other countries.

  • Pakistan should go with Su-35 rather than MiG 35, as it can counter Rafael better.
    Su-35 would be costly but, quality should be a priority on defense sector. Also we need more air superiority fighters, like Su-35, rathar than multirole aircrafts, as we have a bulk of multirole aircrafts in form of JF-17 and Mirages.

    • Do you know what 9 billion dollars can do to our education system or economy or public health care? Air superiority CANNOT be matched. What if ‘others’ buy superior aircrafts just because they can afford it? Will you invest more billions of dollars for air ‘superiority’? This is just a mad never ending race.

      • IK, ask Libyans Syrians and Iraqis, who all had much better education and public health care than Pakistan — and Palestinians (who did not) what is the cost of NOT spending minimally on defense?
        I am not quoting Ahadeeth which advise about defense spending as a Sadaqa, because you may not be interested in such things.
        So now you have the answer to your question.

      • That is if our lovely neighbors were so friendly you know education won’t do you shit if become Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. We have a threat from both sides of America from Afghanistan and India.

    • Paying 9billion dollars and reading this statement “Pakistan has not made requests such as technology transfer or localization of production as terms for any purchases” Is disheartening.

  • It’s seems like a fake news as Pakistan hasn’t shown any interest in Mig-35 fighter and the helicopter. If Pakistan can afford it, Pakistan should purchase SU-35 and S-400 defense system. 36 SU-35 will cost around 3 billion dollars and S-400 defense system will cost close to 2.5 billion. Those 2 are the most import for Pakistan at this time. Pakistan might consider Mig-35 only if Russia is willing to transfer Mig-35 tech and allow integration of western gadgets.

    • Yes its fake news, as Pakistan has already rejected Mig-35 earlier for higher maintenance and operational costs.
      However the copters might be a correct info.
      S-400 is not longer viable as Indians already have it — we should now go for S-500s at marginally higher costs.
      If we are to become strategic partners of Russia, at approximately same cost as Su-35, we should instead go for the aircraft shown in the photo — Su-57. The delivered cost of Su-57, which is the latest and greatest aircraft for Russia is just US$50m/piece (Su-35 costs US$ 40-65m/piece).
      Also since Su-57 was dumped by India (HAL) for stupidly thinking they will get F-35s from America, we should immediately take this up with the Russians for exclusivity, and radically modify as per our needs and also secrecy with complete transfer of tech to Pakistan.

  • till what time we will keep only buying those weapons of self defence !!!!
    instead of expiring them and all the current major power player will keep funding on terrorism on Pakistani soil for disability and worst economical hell ??
    and Pakistani nation will keep paying taxes instead of prosperity or even basic life necessities
    yes Pakistani can have a wonderful life by modern age slavery export, yes I mean by working in abroad countries for few pennies by leaving your real life family & friends wife & kids
    what the hell is this country !!!!!!!!!

  • Bs jo Imran khan ko bahir bhej kr paise mangway hai in paiso ka weapons purchase krny lgay hain.. Poverty ka koi khyal nhe in ko.

  • Once agaim Pakistan propoganda foiled. Russia denied even a less precised air defence system selling to Pakistan. And these Pakistani had been claiming a 9 billion defence deals. A these social media are handled by Pakistan army just to make fool of Pakistani public

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