Xiaomi’s New Smart Pillow Has a Smart Alarm, Heater and Bone Conduction

Xiaomi has been slowly penetrating other markets after regaining a stronghold in the smartphone arena. After entering the auto sector and introducing sportswear, the company has now announced a smart pillow which boasts some really fascinating features.

Xiaomi already sells a normal memory pillow but this would be the first smart pillow from the company.

PMA Graphene neck smart sleep aid pillow is made of a 3D cotton wrap and 40D memory cotton core. The classic grooved design features a graphene-heated area which releases body pressure and relieves neck fatigue using warm far-infrared light waves.

The sleep aid comes with a smart alarm clock, and a smart module keeps a track of your sleeping times, sleep intensity, position changes, number of breaths and other sleeping patterns.

If you’re wondering whether the device has Bluetooth, the answer is yes. Since it’s a Xiaomi eco gadget, Bluetooth is almost a must even when there’s little need for it.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it with your smartphone to control the temperature and sync your sleep data.

The most amazing feature is that it uses bone conduction to transmit alarm and even music sounds, meaning that the sounds reach directly to the inner ear through your jawbones and cheekbones bypassing the outer and middle ear. With a low sound leakage, others are not disturbed but you hear a relatively louder sound.

The smart sleeping aid is on crowdfunding and it will start shipping for 299 yuan ($44) from June 2, 2019.

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