Huawei P30 Pro Aces JerryRigEverything’s Durability Test

Breaking the common “low-quality Chinese product” stereotype, Huawei’s P30 Pro might just be the company’s sturdiest phone yet. Unlike last year’s Huawei P20 Pro, this one turned out to be quite durable.

The tough smartphone managed to make it through the latest durability test by JerryRigEverything. The handset survived through the scratch, burn and bend tests like a champ, even if it got a scar or two.

Scratch Test

On the face of it, the Gorilla Glass (unknown, probably Gorilla Glass 6) started receiving scratches on hardness level 6 and 7, which is the usual standard for Gorilla Glass screens. Nothing to worry about though, as even with level 7 scratches, the under-display fingerprint sensor works just fine and is built to last.

For reference, the hardness levels mentioned here are on Moh’s Hardness scale, where materials are rated based on how hard/durable they are. As a general rule, material at a certain level on Moh’s scale can only be scratched by the same or harder material.

For example, a level 6 material can’t be scratched or damaged by a level 5 material, but it can be scratched by a level 6 or 7 material.

Gorilla Glass screens usually used in Smartphones are usually level 6 whereas diamond, the hardest material, is a 10.

Burn and Bend Tests

And then comes the burn test where the phone’s screen is exposed to a naked flame to test the integrity of the screen. Luckily, the display on the P30 Pro quickly recovered and did not suffer from permanent dead pixels.

The bend test involves trying to bend the phone out of shape to test the structural integrity of the phone. Last year’s P20 Pro snapped during the bend test so we didn’t have high hopes here. The P30 Pro, however, did not flex at all and survived the bend test with ease.

So it is pretty evident that the phone’s metal frame, the AMOLED touchscreen, and the curved glass back aren’t just for show and provide durability to the phone.

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