India Halts Trade With Pakistan Across Kashmir Border

The Indian government has halted all trade with Pakistan through the Kashmir border saying that the route is being used by the Pakistani side to smuggle illegal currency drugs and weapons.

The Indian home ministry said in a statement,

Government of India has decided to suspend the LoC trade at Salamabad and Chakkan-da-Bagh in Jammu and Kashmir with immediate effect. A stricter regulatory and enforcement mechanism is being worked out and will be put in place in consultation with various agencies. The issue of reopening of LoC trade will be revisited thereafter.

The Indian Express reported that a trade blockade was implemented due to terror citation. 35 trucks carrying fresh fruits were not allowed to cross over to Pakistani side through Poonch sector by the Indian authorities.

The decision has come in the middle of ongoing Indian elections in which the Hindu Nationalist party is trying hard to get reelected for another term. The land trade between the countries has been affected since the relations became tense after the 14th February attack in Indian Occupied Kashmir that killed more than 40 soldiers. After the attack, India also withdrew the Most Favored Nation status from Pakistan as well.

Pakistan and India trade on a barter system; Pakistan exports mangoes, oranges, carpets, prayer mats, and herbs while India exports cumin, chili, cardamom, almonds, grapes, and bananas.

Via Indian Express, The News, Al-Jazeera

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