Restaurants in Islamabad to Shut Down in Protest Against FBR

All Islamabad Restaurant Association has announced that all eateries in the federal capital will be closed as a protest against alleged harassment from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

This was announced in a statement released on Saturday.

The association said that they will be closing all the restaurants from Tuesday, April 23rd for an indefinite period of time.

The statement said that all the owners, their staff and their families will stage a protest against the revenue collecting agency.

Since last 6 months, due to the revenue shortage, FBR has adopted severe means of harassment. Rather than increasing the Tax Base, they are just squeezing the existing taxpayers.

The statement further alleged that other government departments such as EOBI, Social Security, Tourism, and CDA, etc. have been creating all sorts of issues for businesses which is contrary to the idea of ‘Ease of Doing Business.’

It said the FBR, instead of launching a crackdown against the non-filers, treating taxpaying businesses as ‘dacoits.’

It warned the government departments in question to ‘stop this harassment’ or they will continue the protest.

Be aware that this is just one side of the story, we don’t have any formal statements from the FBR or the government.


  • These business owners drive 3 crore Lexus Cruisers and when its time to pay taxes this is what these associations do. These owners can go to courts If FBR is going beyond the law.

    • 3 cror ki lexus tax pay kar k hi kharidi ja sakti awen nh road par chal sakti chahy aam admi mehran bh kharedy to tax pay karta to wo ghr ly kar ata r yearly tax

      • یہ تو ایک بہانہ ھے۔ ھر ریسٹورنٹ justify کر دے کہ ھم اپنی آمدن پر کتنا ٹیکس دیتے ھیں ۔ اس میں کیا پرابلم ھے۔ھراسمنٹ کا تو بہانہ ھے۔ مجھے یقین ھے کہ بہت سے ریسٹورنٹ براب ٹیکس نہیں دیتے اسی لیے انکو تکلیف ھے اور احتجاج پر اتر آیے ھیں اور یہ چیکنگ صرف ریسٹورنٹ کی نہیں ھر ایک بزنس کی ھو گی

  • Unfortunately Government harassment against Businesses is increasing and due to this Economic activities are going down and badly effecting investment.

    • Unfortunately people dont understand. I am from Islamabad and it is hard to find a free table in these restaurants and you have to w8 upto even an hour in certain restaurants like monal and THEY ALL CHARGE 17% GST or sales tax. If you read the other news in which they are claiming zero sales or a few sales in the newly installed FBR system known as RIMS (Restaurant invoice monitoring system). So basically they are taking money from customers and depositing in their accounts. Any new invester would also like to benefit or would want to invest in such a system that allows him or her to make some extra money.

  • Good i support you legal tax pay banta ha laikn bilawaja k croron k tax my foot…. Icy hakomat chalny hi nh ati awen vote zayan kiya i also shut down my own business due to FBR extra taxes

  • Banda government sy pochy kon banda tax nahin daita bacha toffee bh kharedy to us pay tax daita ha fazool ki bkwas koi bh tax nh daita har chz pay aam insan tax dy raha government ka bass chaly to sans lainy py bh tax laga dy

  • پوری دنیا میں انفارمل بزنس کو ٹیکس کلیکشن سے علیحدہ رکھا جاتا ہے تا کہ منی سرکلیشن نہ کم ہو اور کیپٹل فریز نہ ہو، یہ بزنس کے ساتھ ٹیکس کو نتھی کر رہے ہیں، ان کے مشیر کون گدھے ہیں؟

  • FBR itself stopping people to pay fair taxes to create a space for bribe taking. If some body can stop this corruption , it can expand tax base to 8000 billion rupees as IK had promised in election campaign.

    • That ‘somebody’ is IK himself, as promised on container tops many times. Now its time to deliver. No excuses…..

  • Good for us. Eating out is very unhealthy. Ramadan is also round the corner. So this will be a blessing in disguise. As for the fbr is concerned. The lower staff are majority corrupt. No matter how much ppl you remove from the, more will take their place with the same intentions.

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