Xiaomi Launches Electric Shaver With ‘Car-Like Damping Technology’

SOOCAS, an ecological company under Xiaomi just came out with their first electric razor, the SOOCAS S3.

The major highlight of this razor is its car suspension like technology, which ensures smooth and comfortable shaving.

SOOCAS S3 is a wireless electric razor, which is charged through a TYPE-C data cable in under 60 minutes. Once it’s fully charged, the gadget can last up to 2 months depending on the frequency of use.

Design wise, the razor does not look too different from any other electric razor you can find out there. It has a curved back to easily fit the palm and the push type switch in the front has a concentric texture to it to make it easier to locate.

The razor makes use of the company’s self-developed SOOCAS IFT-omnidirectional technology with shock absorption suspension placed upon the upper and lower ends of the circular blades, which makes the shaving smooth and seamless.

The blades, meanwhile, are equipped with a double-ring knife net design. The way this works is that the auxiliary blade will lift the beard, and then the main blade will swiftly cut it off from the base, ensuring a thorough and precise shave.

The device will go out on sale on April 23. Pre-ordering the razor will give you $7 off of the original price tag of $37.

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