Nayatel Launches an Easier Website Content Hosting Service

In the digital age, online presence is key to reaching customers across all demographics however hosting your own portal is very complicated. With Nayatel’s Webhosting services, you no longer have to spend your limited time in trying to host your own website via complex platforms.

Nayatel aims to remove the hassle involved in making your presence digital by handling the back-end configurations and implementation. With web hosting capabilities for both; Linux and Windows, you can choose the nature of your online presence that suits your needs.

Additional Features
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Secure web hosting solution
  • 24/7 support
  • Domain Registration
  • Top Level Domains (TLD), i.e. .com, .org, .biz, .net, .gov, .co, .tv, .edu etc.
  • .pk domains

Yearly and monthly plans for Linux Web Hosting packages starting from Rs. 625/month.

Nayatel also offers yearly Windows Web Hosting packages as per customer need.

For a detailed comparison of features and packages, visit

How to Subscribe

Email Nayatel at [email protected] or call 051 111 11 44 44 ext. 2 for reliable web hosting services.

  • You are still living in the stone age Nayatel?
    Disk space from 500MB to 8GB Max? lol
    Bandwidth from 15GB to 100GB Max? ROFL
    Databases restriction from 2 to 20 Max? what?

    Well, I hope you succeed, even with that pathetic plans.

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