PTCL Razakaar Organizes Box of Happiness for the Elderly in Old Age Homes

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) organized a Box of Happiness initiative for the elderly in the first quarter of 2019 through its in-house volunteer force, PTCL Razakaar.

PTCL employees from numerous regions of Pakistan donated generously in making hand-packed gift boxes for people living in old age homes and impoverished communities. The Razakaar force then reached out to a multitude of facilities along with open communities in over 25 locations.

The volunteers were able to spread smiles across 1,718 deserving persons and a total 6,544 volunteer hours were spent on this initiative.

On the occasion, Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer PTCL, said,

PTCL is proud of its Razakaar force taking such initiatives for the less privileged and underserved population of the country. Box of Happiness initiative brought joy to the elderly people residing in old age homes across different cities in Pakistan. We believe that we must take responsibility and ownership of our communities.

PTCL Razakaar involves the company’s employees on a quarterly basis in the six focus areas of its Corporate Social Responsibility, which are Education, Youth Development, Health & Safety, Environment, Disaster Response and Inclusion.

  • Ptcl ko apne pension nazer nahi a rahe. jin ko wo un ka haq nahi de raha. old person ko s.court ne kaha hai. ke in ka haq do. Mager ya nahi de raha. Kuch sharm kro ptcl

  • Mr Syed Mazhar Husain Exec. for Geriatric/Old population with neuroglogical disorders, wellness, dis-abilities when covered by group insurance is a welcome sign. There are many deserving services. Please do include Gathia in your menu for the gift, of food.

    • Please make sure Gathia snack should be non farting grade, quiet to .5 decibels. Where are the funds which they have saved from non taxable funds. Mr. Mazhar PTCL should be fart free No Gathia.

  • it’s not “old age home” it an insulting term, in the civilized world they call them “Nursing Homes” or Assisted care living

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