Highlights from Day 2 of Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019

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Vehicles must pass a detailed technical inspection before they are allowed to proceed onto track for their runs on the 10.3 km track. As of today, evening, 71 student teams have passed the technical inspection of which 5 are from Pakistan.


At the end of today’s event, the UrbanConcept category saw 39 student teams from the region going onto track on the second day of Make the Future Live, Malaysia.

These self-built, innovative vehicles span across 52 teams using internal combustion engine, 46 teams using battery electric power and 10  teams with hydrogen fuel cell.

On 2nd May, the top performing UrbanConcept teams will compete in the Drivers‘ World Championship Qualifier, a race to see which team can cross the finish line first without running out of their limited allocation of energy. This is a race that combines the proven energy-efficiency of their car with the strategy, skill and speed of the driver.

The UrbanConcept category resembles modern day cars, a four-wheel having familiar road car features. This year’s student-built UrbanConcept vehicles have seen a good success rate for the technical inspection, with 71 making it through to competition.

Colin Chin, Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) Asia Technical Director said,  “Shell Eco-marathon has been running for 10 years now in Asia. Certainly, we see improvement in the quality of the cars that are here. These students are doing incredible things. We’re seeing a tendency towards more sophisticated materials that are lighter and more energy efficient.“

Full results and team information can be found here.

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