Govt Might Rationalize Taxes on Mobile Cards in Upcoming Finance Bill

The government may consider further rationalization of the taxes on mobile cards in the upcoming Finance Bill 2019-20.

According to official documents submitted in the Parliament, the Ministry of Finance has stated that further rationalization of the taxes on mobile cards may be considered in the upcoming Finance Bill.

The Ministry has negated a question while saying that it is incorrect that there is 50 percent tax on the purchase of Rs 100 phone card. The tax being charged isn’t this huge, maintained the ministry officials.

Supreme Court of Pakistan restored all taxes on mobile phone cards on 25th April 2019. However, there is a feeling among the mobile subscribers that cellular companies have increased voice call and SMS tariffs.

The issue was also raised in the last meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication held last week.

Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has assured that telcos are not allowed to increase tariffs without informing the authority. He further said that there is a proper mechanism for increasing tariff and if any of the cellular companies violate this, action would be taken against them.

  • Taxes should be as follows :
    10% on 100 Wala Card / Load (Except EasyCard)
    20% on 200 Wala Card Load (Except EasyCard)
    25% on 300 Wala Card Load (Except EasyCard)
    30% on 400 to 500 Wala Card Load (Except EasyCard)
    35% on 501 to 1000 Wala Card Load (Except EasyCard)
    50% on Above 1001 Wala Card Load (Except EasyCard)

    Mostly Middle Poor People Can Loaded 100 to 200 Wala Card

      • It’s All in favor of Middle & Poor CLASS Family even i am not using 100 Wala Card but majority used 100 Wala Card People want’t to exempt the taxes.

    • Aapko wazir e Azam Pakistan Na Bana de ua phr finance minister Bana dete Han

      • Nahi Bhai I am Not Deserving Finance Minister Job :
        I Have Accounting & Math
        Aj tak Debit / Credit He SAMAJH Nahi AYA

    • tera demaagh khraab hai kya
      1000 wala super card 2000 me krwain gay 50% pe

      itni agal ho to bnda 100 wale 10 kr lega u Fateechur

      Fixed rate is enough 15% and 15% GST aur ye Companies k fazool Charges b khatam hone chahiay

    • Shabash Brother.
      Keep on giving such extraordinary suggestions.

    • This tax was put by Musharaf and increased by Nawaz Sharif. So better say Main sanp choos gayey khoon. Present government didnt increase a single penny in phone tax

  • The 3/3 Rs 40 wala offer i usually use on telenor, now deduct Rs 63.
    1. Rs 47 for the Package (Previously Rs 40)
    2. Tax deduction on easy load

  • The free air time for these “Chor MNAs & MPAs” must be banned so these so called MPA/MNAs know that these greedy telco operators have increased the tariff.
    They are enjoying on public money and can’t take a single step to chain the greediness of telco companies.

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