PTA Starts Blocking 2.8 Million Illegal Smartphones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started to block nearly 3 million smartphones and feature phones deemed illegal.

As per PTA records, there are as many as 2.8 million smuggled or non-custom- paid smartphones in the country, a source familiar with the matter told ProPakistani.

According to the source, these phones will be blocked in several phases, and that the process has already started on 30th April.

The source further stated that the phones on the block list are the ones which were not registered with the Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) despite multiple extensions in the deadline.

It mainly includes handsets which were smuggled into the country after the second deadline was announced by PTA (5th January 2019) and were meant to be blocked in case of non-compliance.

What Is DIRBS?

DIRBS is a Device Verification and Blocking System recently launched by PTA. The system will help to block all smuggled and unregistered smartphones as well as feature phones in the country.

How to Get Your Phone Unblocked

Once a non-compliant handset is blocked, it cannot be used in the country again until it is registered with the DIRBS. So, if your phone is blocked, you’ll have to pay the requisite taxes to get it unblocked.

    • Go to this website:
    • Click on the ‘DRS’ tab on the top right corner.
    • Sign up with your original name, email ID and CNIC.
    • Enter Handset model & and pre-calculated tax/duty will appear on the screen.
    • Pay the tax and get your phone unblocked.

  • Process to Kab Se Start hai Working / Implementation Kaha hai :
    # List of Blocking Phone
    (By User, By GSM, By Model, By Manufacture, By Year, By IMEI, By Cities)


  • Govt is fail to collact tax from this projact. A new head of KANCHAA bribe is created. Most of them will be use clone which is much dangarnce then smuggling. A huge tax can be collected just implement a reasonanle amount i.e 2000 per use mobile and i can gurantee Govt will collect Multi billions under the above stated. Other wise roteee haee ge 1 single penny nahi milni.

  • Kia kise aur country main be aise huta hai ke enter hune sath phone register kerwana pare?

      • Konse tax chor? Hum gareeb ek soi se leker laptop tak per tax dete. Mobile loud per 28rs tax dete. Her cheez per double se zyafa tax he bhai. T

      • Matlab aap tax choor hain?
        q k govermt usko bar bar loot rahi ha jo pehle pese de k khareed k laya ha halanke govt khud nakaam ho chuki ha smuggled phone rokne me to is ki saza her us aadmi ko mil rahi ha jo naya ya mehnga mobile ni khareed skta aur saza b itni k 10000 k mobile pe 9000 tax mera ni khyal koi faeda hoga aik taraf emnesty chorun k liye aur dusri taraf aam admi k sath loot marr ….

        aur agar aap apni tax return yahan share kr den to pata chale aap kitne bare tax payer aur mulk k hamdard hain

  • Corrupt government trying to rob common people. I got Iphone Xsmax for Doha. Came to Pakistan and they said me at the airport you can bring one device without duty in a year. So I started using it and than I started getting deadlines. These f**kers gave me a notice of 67000 rs tax despite the fact that as per rules it should have been registered by them. The tax is way too much and so I had to send it back. I haven’t paid the tax and will advice you too not to pay it. Just send the device back. They are trying to loot us in every possible way they can. RIP dirbs system. Major drawback of this government. They have failed in this project. We are more cunning than PTA. Won’t pay the tax?

    • Story does not ends here, I am an overseas pakistani, no one want to send their savings to country, any time govt can declare it black money.people who never ran a vegetables shop now playing with pakistan economy. May Allah save pakistan.

    • you said right aisa pori dunya me nahi hota ap Pakistan se mobile khareed kr jahan chahe le jaen koi apse personal effect pe tax ni mangega aur ye sirf mobile hi ni aap pora container bhar k le jaen sath k ye mera personal used saman ha koi tax ni lega lakin yahan to tabdeli aa chuki ha chorun ko tax muaf aur awam per sans lene per b tax.

  • Anyone who knows how to use a computer and have an internet connection can easily change the IMEI, just have to do a little research that’s all.

  • My phone got blocked and had the worst experience of my life with a dribs system that was not properly tested. The help line provided is busy 9 to 5 and then no response post that no matter how much you try. I tried around 56 time. No email response despite sending emails to PTA on almost all the emails. After the registration is done on dribs my phone is still blocked without any response. I have been informed by my mobile operator to fly to islamabad to start the negotiation with pta. I dont know what to do with no end in sight. Thank u pta thank u pti

    • I have some how managed to get my phone registered with Dribs however my phone is not activated. I visited the Office of PTA and they didn’t share any information except a list of email. I complained that none of the helpline is working. They confirmed that is a lie. I requested them to check themselves which they didn’t and someone disconnected the phone. Rather than feeling sorry they still were admant that the helpline is not supposed to work. I requested that why they have activated a system which has bugs. They said it is not their duty to test bugs. It is the nations responsibility. Thank u PTI thank u PTA.

      • > They said it is not their duty to test bugs. It is the nations responsibility.


    • Same here bro. My phone got blocked too. Their helpline is always busy. All they want is tax. This system sucks and so do the government

  • Itna tax dene se acha banda utne hi peso ka koi dusra PTA approved smart phone lele.

    Pathetic from Govt

  • PTA made a big mistake, the tax charges are too high, they should charge Rs 1000 to 2000 depending on mobile set, currently i checked my iphone x, it written that 65000 is required to register, which stupid will pay this????

    • I had Xsmax and my tax is 68000 and my phone has been blocked by them. No one will pay such a huge tax

  • PTA ki command mehfooz hathon mein chali gaye hai na bhaee. Yani retard major general sahib ke haath mein.
    Allah in logon ko khush rakhe, awam ki khair hai.

  • I just bought pixel XL( Verizon) for 24000 . And I got msg to register it with PTA. They asked me to pay the tax amount of 36000. Most moronic system of tax calculation. Where as mobile is sold by Amazon in 150 USD new Verizon version.

  • My mobile was pta registered when I checked last year and suddenly they bind with one number. Calling helpline is useless. I tried to pay tax through portal but it shows an error, imei already exist in system.

    • Funny stuff, one of my dual sim mobile shows Pta approved in first imei and need to pay duty for second imei. PTA.. ********************

      • well PTA clearly stated that it will be for each SIM slot. This means you never used the second SIM in Pakistan.

      • same here bro, i m using s8 dual sim. one of the IMEI slot is compliant and another one is non compliant, wtf

  • PTA may take action Shopkeepers who are the involved in selling of non custom paid smart phones. PTA may get detail of Shopkeeper from customers inland, instead blocking of million smart phones blindly

  • I have purchased PTA approved phone they are also sending me msgs to register your phone ? WTF

  • Bro don’t wory i know the person who made your cellphone pta approved in just 5000 rupees all models 03365504224

  • I have tried many many times and this website never opens.

    Gateway Timeout

    Server error – server is unreachable at this moment.

    Please retry the request or contact your administrator.

    PTA first should hire some genuine IT experts to get their own website working.

  • can anybody help me
    how can i import mobile phone through a friend who lives in U.S legally? and how much price i have to pay for that phone to reach my hands-on. its actually an LG used phone

  • Agar kisi bhai ko pta approval ka issue hae to mujh sae help lay sakta hae 03365504224

  • I have got my phone registered with PTA during the given deadline and receive the massage’valid but none complaint imei’. Now I have been receiving the message to pay a tax of rs 5000 otherwise my phone will be blocked. What to do can any one help???

  • salam meri pass Huawei USB Dongle thi us par net use karta tha, iska IMEI bhi PTA nay block kar diya hai, jab k me nay application di howi thi dribs par lakin unho nay nahi bataya k kitna Tax dayna hai is par ore block kar diya device ko, yeh device 3 hazar ki hai USB Dongle, Any Solution Please tell me ? how to unblock my USB Dongle internet device

  • My device was blocked I paid duty tax. Now how will it get unblocked?
    What I have to do now?

    • It will take a day to unblock your phone. Since you have posted on 15th May, it must be on now.

  • I Bought Samsung A6 2018 From Sadar Marker It Is Pta Approved But Pichly 1 Week Se Emergency Calls Only Araha Gai No Service Even Signals Bhi Full Arhy Hai Pta Web Awr App Pr Approved Bta Raha Hai . Kisi Ko Is Ka Solution pata Hai Kya Krna Chaiye ??

  • greeb logon ko tang kiya ja rha ye drama khatm kiya jaye passy kmany ka zariya bna liya in nakamy logon ny 40percent tex laant ha asy pta per kuty saly kaminy bgairt

  • Mera Samsung Galaxy m10, pta nay band kar diya hai, because it doesn’t produce a valid TAC code. Someone please help me unblock it.

  • السلام وعلیکم ورحمتہ وبرکاتہ
    میرا موبائل نوکیا 3310 جس کا ٹیکس پاکستانی 858 روپے تھا جو میں نے 18/05/2019 کو ادا کر دیا ٹیکس ادائیگی کے باوجود ابھی تک میرا موبائل فون بلاک ہے مہربانی فرما کر رہنمائی کیجیے گا
    افتخار احمد خان
    واٹس ایپ 03435117250

  • same condition here brothers and sisters i checked my imei number every possible way i cant but everyday i received text to pay duty tax but what they sent me imei wasn’t correct so i try to contact them they didn’t provide me any response than warning date i got my phone blocked.
    i really wanna asked now where is the damn youth why no one rising his voice now. i didn’t heared the MPA or MNA or Top Government officers got their phone blocked only simple and common person blocked getting blocked. even communication getting worst many people cant pay the tax that just all bullshhit

  • Salam sir kiyaa gairb insaan mobile nhi chala sakta kaha ki insaaniyaat hai k agar koi kit lyta hai to ap mobile block kardo gy

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