China to Build Military Bases in Pakistan to Protect Its ‘One Belt One Road’: Pentagon

The US Defense Department expects China to establish military bases around the world to safeguard its ambitious global infrastructure program, One Belt One Road.

Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on Chinese military and security developments states that China has only one overseas military base in Djibouti for now. But it will set up others, possibly in Pakistan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the western Pacific.

The Pentagon noted in the report, “China’s advancement of projects such as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative (OBOR) will probably drive military overseas basing through a perceived need to provide security for OBOR projects.”


China to Create Three “Green Economic Belts” In BRI Countries Including Pakistan

“China will seek to establish additional military bases in countries with which it has a longstanding friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan, and in which there is a precedent for hosting foreign militaries,” added the report.

However, Pentagon admitted that this effort may face constraints, as the other countries may be wary of hosting an all-time presence of the People’s Liberation Army.

The report has come as the Pentagon warned that extensive Chinese activities in the Arctic region can pave way for a strengthened military presence. The military presence can also entail deployment of submarines as deterrents against a nuclear attack.

This assessment is a part of the US military’s report on China’s armed forces.

Via: Guardian

    • are you out of your in the name of friendship they might take over don’t bring another eastinda in pakistan i bycoot this.

      • First Day Se KEH Raha ho CPEC is the Game & Plan to Control the Pakistan.
        Now Ap Dekh Sakte ho Dosti Ki Chakkar Main Kiya Kiya Kar Raha hai.

        Logo Ko CPEC K Bohat Faide Nazar Ate hai

        • G you are talking rubish we need them more then they need us usa has basess all over world Chinese are the best people in the world.

      • Jang 2 Tarha Ki Hoti hai :
        1 Jo Hathiyaar Se Lar K Jeet K Qabza Kiya Jaye
        2 Jo Bina Hathiyaar Se Lare Pyaar Se Invest Kar K Qabza Kiya Jaye

        China Point 2 Pe Amal Kar Raha hai

  • Thats why Nawaz Sharif is not public the CPEC documents. He agreed to China Army presence in GWADAR.

    • As if Nawaz Sharif could do that without telling anyone else. For God sake, please grow up.

    • Then the new PM IK should make all CPEC details public, what is stopping them from doing this now?

  • Pentagon should look its own policy. USA has setup its military bases in Saudia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq and in other countries also. They are trying to play on both head and tail. China has not fought any war in Pakistan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the western Pacific. China has invested a huge investment in One Belt One Road Project therefore it is their right to protect to property by using its own military or with the coordination of other military. Pentagon should realize that they are not only one in the world. There are others emerging power also. Give them space so they also in turn give USA some space.

  • A country ( USA) which has hundreds of bases all over the world is concerned about others, is the ultimate hypocrisy. China has invested billions of dollars which are actually benefiting unlike USA which has caused nothing but destruction and sufferings! It’s existence started with Red Indians genocide at the hands of White invaders and the next victims were Black Africans and the long list goes on!!

  • The headline shows that China is going to build a military base in Pakistan (just to attract attention) but the details show that Pakistan may be a point in the so many countries…
    This report is just a propaganda to create a hype against China.
    Now take a look on American base on other soils against the will of their local population
    1. Japan (they hate American troops on their island)
    2. Turkey (American base is marked as the base against the Erdogan government)
    3. Afghanistan (Afghans are ever ready to eat every American troop)
    4. Iraq (American are the invaders and they invade despite the UN resolutions)
    5. Syria (Using this soil as a war ground against Russia)
    6. Libya (Not a single Libyan like America)
    America must realise that their time is over… just like USSR. The difference is, the fall of USSR empire is by the virtue of American effort but the American fall is neither China nor Russian game but by itself

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