Pakistan Loses Up to Rs. 30 Billion in Taxes Due to Tyre Smuggling

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan (GTR), Hussain Kuli Khan, has said that the country bears losses of billions of rupees due to smuggling of tyres.

He said that in the year 2017-18, the national exchequer incurred a loss of Rs. 30 billion (at the current rate of duty) because of tyre smuggling.

Kuli Khan added that tyres are mostly smuggled from China even though there is ‘zero percent duty on imports from China.’


“There should be no smuggling of tyres from China but that is not the case as the majority of the smuggled truck-bus radial tyres are from China,” said Hussain.

He released a statement on Wednesday saying that the tyre imports from China or other countries through proper channels could bring additional revenue to the government.

He blamed the government’s negligence behind local industries’ departure from the market which resulted in the loss of job and foreign exchange because of this illegal trade.

Hussain said his company was also suffering huge losses from misdeclaration of sizes by counterparts to avoid duty/tax and heavily under invoiced tyres.

He urged the concerned authorities to take necessary steps and make sure no undocumented tyre is sold in the market.

He also asked the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to conduct raids in the markets and seize the stock from the dealers who can’t produce papers.

“Secondly, the government should ensure that smuggled tyres do not come in through the border check posts at Chamman, Taftan, and LandiKotal,” he added.

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  • Who the fk is Hussain Kuli Khan the dynasty of Military Familt Ali kuli khan who have been in the Automobile Industry since decades unable to produce a single vehicle here in Pakistan, Keep your mouth shut and start producing a quality tyre at a reasonable cost that you cant do due to greed, Pskistanis will keep on getting inexpensive good quality imported tyres that are hurting your $$$ go fkurself

  • Just recently the Special Advisor to PM on Foreign Trade Honorable Razzak Dawood on bilateral trade between Pakistan-China, and the good news in the history of Pakistan the Honorable Minister persuaded the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, to abolish duties in China for Pakistan Texiles, Made Ups, and many items which will be imported free of duty in China, and like wise Chinese tyres be allowed duty free. About General Tyre I’m a fan of Continental the German group which licensed General to produce tyre. Despite the patronage of Continental most of the production in B grade tyres which are sold for push carts, manual, etc., The PAMA membership patronises General tyres on every new cars which are removed by the new car owner to a discount shop which will buy General for replacement with new tyre Korean, Malaysian, etc., Thanks Razzak Dawood for your efforts of the bilateral treaty I hope the General Tyre will take orders from China for the export of their tyres tax free in China. Please try, I’ll pray for your success. Blessings

    • A suggestion to GT Pakistan to look into the possibility of encashing todays hype of Continental which of course is General Tyre. Continental stands for quality world standards in tyre, and all products they make in Germany. You being a concessioner of franchise, JV for export rights where you could get access to international and domestic market change with the improved quality of Continental and General revoking the bilateral treaty between the Ministries of the two countries. availing the BRI, CPEC treaty for exports to China originating from Pakistan. I may assist you should China ratify the bilateral.

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