Al Qadir University Aims to Educate Students in Both Scientific and Islamic Principles

Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of Al Qadir University on Sunday at 4 pm. Al Qadir University in Sohawa aims to educate students to become morally, intellectually, and spiritually accomplished persons who, having been rigorously trained in the Islamic and scientific principles.

Muslims were not just the preservers of the ancient and Greek knowledge, but they contributed to original works in different fields of science. They were inspired by the Islamic view of nature that is, mankind had a duty to ‘study nature in order to discover God and to use nature for the benefit of mankind’. This knowledge was transferred to the West and subsequently played an important role in revitalizing a climate of learning and exploration in Europe, leading to the Renaissance in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Al Qadir University aims to nurture this relationship between Islam and science to produce a unique culture of knowledge and learning.

The concept of Al Qadir Trust is in line with the Prime Minister’s dream of providing equal opportunities of education to the youth of Pakistan. His vision draws inspiration from Quaid e Azam and Alama Iqbal, our national heroes. In the initial implementation phase, the most neglected zone has been selected for the university’s location. Since no major university exists between Gujrat and Rawalpindi, therefore, Sohawa has been selected for the establishment of Al Qadir University.

It will be based on an area of 25 acres (200 kanal) and will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, Sufi Block, Science Block, Admin Block, Student Hostel, Faculty Hostel, and a Cafeteria will be constructed while the Auditorium, Library, and Mosque will be made in the second phase.

Al Qadir will be a general university, with a focus on science and technology, contemporary studies of religion with an emphasis on Sufism in order to revive Islamic research to educate our youth in meeting future challenges.

The university will function like other universities in the private sector contributing to the national cause to broaden the educational base. It will serve the youth of most ignored zone to raise the standard of people living under harsh conditions, who have to travel to other cities for higher education.

Al Qadir University will also financially facilitate talented youth who can’t fulfill their dreams due to financial constraints.

  • AL QADIR ?
    Why Not to Mentioned Such names like “Pakistan University” University of PAKISTAN


    • @Abdul Wahab Because we are slaves of the Arab mentality in our mind. We love to name everything on all Arab personalities since we don’t want to name anything on our own intellectuals or our regions.
      We are in a deep inferiority complex where we look down upon at ourselves and consider ourself as inferior beings.

      • Even in USA, Muhammad UNIVERSITY Of ISLAM situated over there.
        Bus in Pakistan (No One Name Can Belong to Muhmmad Or ISLAM) Directly


      • Al Qadir is one of the Allah name, which means Servant of (the Powerfull) Allah. I think there is no harm in this name.

  • Life is all about feelings, emotions, actions to make lives comfortable, affordable and a sense of ownership that was envisaged in “Creation and maintaining Riasat-e-Madina” and envisioned by our selfless, committed, totally devoted and Allah-(God) fearing prime minister Mr. Imran Khan-(Allah protect you from all evil-InshaaAllah).

  • Imran Khan is on all the posters and inaugurations. Now who is doing Showbazian now a days?. He is an attention seeker of the highest kind. He never left any opportunity of Photo session anywhere in Pakistan.
    Anyway My question is that where the graduates of ‘Masters in Sufism’, Philosophy and History’ will work. Who will employ them?. Even a Karyana store don’t want these graduates. These universities will produce jobless confused graduates with no real contribution to the Science and technology. These degrees will be worthless for the Job market.

    Universities should only focus on research, science and tech. The rest can be learnt at home through books.

    • That’s the only thing you could point out in the entire article? Makes me wonder how low people can get to criticize Iran Khan.

      About your question, not everyone studies in a university to get a job. Some people do to get learned in a subject they’ve interest in. This university isn’t the only one which gives courses on History, Philosophy etc. Even the most prestigious of universities like Harvard provides such courses but I don’t see people like you crying about it. Besides, you’re talking like only these are the only courses being provided by the university. It clearly said it’ll impart education on Islam and Science both. People like you are the reason why Pakistan isn’t progressing forward because instead of being happy about the stuff happening, you pick up the most stupidest of stuff to criticize.

    • I am really sad for you brother because apko raziq sy zyda rizq ki tension ha , kabi pathar mn pary keero kodekha ha ?
      Unhy jo rizq dy skta ha wo hamyn q ni , ar wsy bhi ya dunia mahz ak dhuka he to ha najny kab chly jayn , asal zindgi to wohi ha .
      Hope so kuch samj agyi hogi.

  • The above mentioned negative comments must go back to fundamental education as their minds have already deleted any kind of education that they had. sick mentality, Allah in pay raham karay. Ameen.

  • masha allah by whome this univeristy will be managed is there any trust ?so inauguration mean that it will be inagurated its construction not feculty ?

  • actually we have forgotten islam in the pursuit of science and technology. this type of uni will help to learn modern education along with the most important education i.e Islamic

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