Mobile Operators Have Not Increased Tariffs: PTA

In June 2018, the honorable Supreme Court suspended withholding tax, sales tax, and service charges on prepaid recharge cards. The Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) complied with it in letter and spirit and a balance of Rs. 100 was received on a recharge of Rs. 100.

It is imperative to mention that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is not regulating prices of CMOs except for Significant Market Power (SMP) operator as the mobile market is competitive. As a result of the suspension of taxes and service charges, CMOs adjusted the prices of standard prepaid tariff packages. In the case of hybrid bundles/monthly cards, additional incentives were provided to the subscribers in the form of voice, SMS, and data.

On 24th April 2019, the Supreme Court of Pakistan passed the following order:

For reasons to be recorded later this Human Rights Case is disposed of without interference in the collection of public revenues and all the interim orders.

After the restoration of taxes by the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, CMOs have not increased the rates instead they have applied Withholding tax, General Sales Tax/Federal Excise Duty and service charges on the existing tariffs.

PTA is vigilant about the rates/tariffs being charged by CMOs and action will be initiated on any reported incidence of charging above the published tariffs and applicable taxes.

  • PTA Is Right telenor EasyCard Price remain Same(Before/After) tax :
    I think Another Package Price Increase little Bit Amount e.g. 10 to 20 Rupees due to Tax involvement :
    Baki User Jante honge :

    • How it is possible. i am also using Telenor. The package against *345*75#, before the decision of honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, the charges of above package was PKR 100, now it is around PKR 110+.

    • Due to add taxes valve :
      Ab 520 Profit tha Unka Government Ne 30 Rupee Mange to Unho Ne User Pe Add Kar Diya

      • Tum bohot bara ulo ka patha hai, tujei kuch pta ni hota.. bakwas kiyei jata hai. Abei dangar admi the same was the case with zong and now the case with all telecoms. Before tax removal, price of AIO bundle of zong was Rs. 500 INCLUDING tax. After tax removal, still Rs. 500. After taxes were applied again, now its Rs. 650 INCLUDING tax. So it increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 650.

  • Not true.

    Supreme court k tax stop krne se pehly Jazz ka weekly bundle Rs 130 ka hota thaa, 130 ka balance hota thaa tu package ho jata thaa. Ab wohi package 160 ka ho rha hy, 160 balance ho tu package hota hy werna nai. Package price k oper bhi tax charge kr rhy hain, pehly aise nai hota thaa.

    • Bilkul Sahi baat ha chor bazari shuru ki ha or New CJ ny again taxes imposed krwa dye. Saqib Nisar was a good CJ in favor of public. Really miss him

  • Zong ka 500 wala super card ab 650 ka ho gya hai not right move from cellular companies

      • PTA waly kisi kaam k nahi hain PTA walon ko sab kuch pta hota hai wo bhi Pakistani Sim he use karty hain aur hamari tarha he super card wagaira k packages karwaty hain. Newspaper main ye chaap diya hai k prices increase nahi hoi lakin actual main increase ho chuki hain.
        PTA ko complaint karny ka koi faida nahi hai kyun k wo action he nahi lety.

        • PTA waly jo sims use krty hain wo companies unko free me deti hain :p Billing numbers use krty hain not prepaid like us… :p

    • Zong Suprem Tax Khatam karne k baad bhi 800 ka hi tha . Ab Dubara Tax lagane par 1000 k load par kar dia . Yani Tax khatam hone par rate kam nahi kie the Zong ne Tax dubara lagne par Rate Badha die.

    • Glad you pointed out with the claimed 4.5G BB provider, claimed by PTA licensee in Pakistan by advertising of Chargi for their USB whereas the spectrum was not licensed either. Being the claimed BB provider they should adhere to the initiatives provided to them by the regulatory authority of Pakistan as the claimed/advertised bandwidth is seldom received by the card customer. Per ITU recommendations the QOS for bandwidth by the user is rated/evaluated by independant Rating Agencies which operates worldwide and give an exact QOS delivered by industry and ITU norms.

  • Lol. Are they sleeping or getting free air time for this kind of statement. Telcos have already increased the tariff

    • Telcos have applied GST @ 19.5%, WHT @ 12.5% and Service charges @ 10% on their existing tariffs

  • zong nay apnay hybrid bundle ki prices ziada ki hean after this decision pay zong super bundle 500 ka tha ab 650 ka ho gaya hey pahlay supreme bundle 800 ka tha ab 1050 ka ho gaya hey.

    • please apply GST @ 1.195 and WHT @ 1.125 on Rs. 500 and you will get figure of Rs. 672. Same goes for bunlde of Rs. 800, apply GST @ 1.195 and WHT @ 1.125 and you will get Rs. 1072.

      • Please braindead moron know that even before the tax removal, Zong monthly AIO bundle cost was 500 Rs. including tax.

        • Zong increased on-net minutes from 1650 to 2150 and SMS from 1500 to 2000, i believe.

  • I Requested to P.T.A Kindly kindly kindly extand retailers percent Also I wrote too many times but no action is taken against my request on any form even citizen portal is a dead plateform no one hears the complain, PLZ Pases ordr for extanding retailers load or card percent also Thanks

  • Wow? Such a biased and paid blog. Just check the prices a package I used to get for 200 costed me 330 how in heavens 70% increase is only taxes? Can you elaborate please.

      • Jazz 4G 10GB weekly 5(2AM-2PM) 5(anytime)
        Used to cost 200, now it costs 243.
        And after recharge of 330 I received 245.**.

        • Please do reverse engineering by dividing 330 with 1.195 (GST) and then by 1.125 (WHT) you will get Rs. 245.

  • I give you an example. Jazz monthly sms and what’s app package was of 48 rupees when taxes were in place. when taxes suspended its price should go down to 40. Instead jazz increased its price to 50. Then after sometime to 60 even there were no taxes. Then 70 when taxes were not there. Now price increased even further with addition of taxes. PTA dont see it.because they have nothing to do with the people of Pakistan but concerned with their own pockets.

    • please do reverse engineering: divide 70 by 1.195 (GST) then by 1.125 (Withholding tax) and lastly by 1.10 (service charges) and you will get the price of Rs. 47

      • Brother. Please clear me one thing. Before the suspension of taxes this package inclusive of all taxes stood at 47 rupees. Where was your reverse engineering at that time when collective package price +taxes was at 47.

  • Agr sb users dil py pathar rakh k sirf aik din k liay cellphone bycott krain to Ye Telcos or PTA sb ap k pair pkr lain.
    You have power without knowing how to use it.
    We can Also develop social media platforms to cope such Headaches.
    Just shouting and crying never make any sense.

  • OK PTA Hum Apki Bat Maan Lete hai
    But AWAM Ko Show Kiya Jaye

    List of All Charges of Each Package (Jab Load Pe tax tha)
    List of All Charges of Each Package (Jab Load Pe tax End Howa)
    List of All Charges of Each Package (Jab Load Pe tax Dubara Laga)

    Show Us Jawab Khud Mill Jayega (Warna Ap Khud Mile Howe Ho)

  • Zong Yearly MBB package increased from 18000 to 24000
    Aur kehte hay increase nahe hoyee tobaa

  • Zong has Increased up to 35% in price for their MBB bundled packages. PTA please look into this.

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