PTCL – Bringing Quality Entertainment to Pakistan

Over the past couple of years, customers have become more informed and selective about what they want to spend their time watching, whether it is on TV or online.

When online streaming services were introduced for movies and television shows, they did away with intrusive advertising and provided customers with high quality, premium entertainment at their own convenience. That is when several organizations, including Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL), focused on devising new and unique ways that help them capitalize on their customers’ demand for quality entertainment.

Netflix, currently the world’s leading media streaming service, has proven to be a major player in the trend of providing quality entertainment. As more and more people increase their reliance on digital platforms for their entertainment needs, services like Netflix play a significant role when it comes to filling the gap in demand. Companies like PTCL have taken the lead in introducing international content providers like Netflix to cater to the ever-growing need of its customers’ demand for quality content in Pakistan.

As a considerable portion of Netflix’s audience resides in Pakistan, there was a need for businesses to meet the rising level of demand for high-quality content. To satisfy the content needs of various segments and age groups, PTCL emerged as the leader giving multiple platforms for quality entertainment. By entering into a partnership with Netflix in 2018, PTCL became the first telecom operator in Pakistan to provide Netflix gift subscriptions of up to 6 months to PTCL’s internet subscribers of 8 Mbps and above.

So far, the organization has already laid the groundwork for the delivery of the service through its latest Network Transformation Project (NTP). Customers can now benefit from a high-quality streaming experience which is ensured by PTCL through its enrichment and improvement of its copper network, along with an all-new fiber network.

Furthermore, customers can now easily pay for Netflix subscriptions as part of their monthly PTCL broadband bills, eliminating the need to share additional credit card or debit card details.

By providing access to Netflix’s original series, TV shows, documentaries, and award-winning movies, PTCL has made it easier for its customers to satisfy their craving for content according to their interests.

With strategic partnerships and initiatives, PTCL is working towards achieving its goal for a digitally transformed Pakistan; one that benefits from its state-of-the-art technologies and solutions and ensures ease and convenience for all customers.

  • ptcl mei use karta hu
    speed kafi achi aati hai but disconnectivity hai but wo bhi ab kam ho gayi hai
    overall i give ptcl 7 out of 10

  • With copper PTCL was pretty pathetic as expected with older cabling.
    Since upgraded to fiber, about a year ago, no issues what so ever, a very good experience do far.

  • So what happened to smart TV service??

    I still cannot play service in PC browser ! Those PTCL customer reps are useless.

    1. Can someone guide me as what Windows version (7 or 10) and browser type (Chrome, Edge, Firefox ESR) I need?

    2. Can you use a VPN from Dubai with this Windows and browser version, or is there a different setup?

  • Most pathetic internet service. They revamped their exchange in my area and since then my internet is not working properly. Downgraded my speed. Registering complaint every week. DSL guy comes and resets router, they know nothing else. They don’t know how to fix speed issues.

  • Worst internet service they are transforming exchange where storm fiber and other companies had taken away their customers and in the forces area like DHA and officers societies otherwise for rest if people their service remain same of copper Adsl connections.
    Money has also blinded this website owners as for money they are praising this worst isp

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