Pakistan Railways Earns Rs. 39 Billion in Revenue for First 9 Months of FY2019

Pakistan Railways has generated over Rs. 39 billion of revenue in the first nine months of the current fiscal year, a government official said on Sunday.

The total income generated in three-quarters of FY2019 was Rs. 3.706 billion higher than the corresponding period in the last financial year, said an official in the Ministry of Railways official to state-owned newswire agency APP.

“During the same period last financial year,” he said, “Pakistan Railways earned Rs. 35.304 billion.”

The official said that it was only possible by winning the confidence of the passengers.

According to him, the department has suffered no loss ever since the incumbent government took over in August last year. “It was because of the dedicated efforts of the government and the PR employees,” he added.

He highlighted PR’s efforts behind this improved financial position and said that Pakistan Railways ran 24 new trains with the same rolling stock and human resource.

The official further said that the organization has saved up to 1.5 million liters in fuel thanks to the introduction of a train tracking system.

To a question, the official said that at present, Pakistan Railways owns 460 diesel-electric locomotives, out of which 325 are functional while 135 were non-functional.

Out of these 135, 69 Chinese locomotives require heavy repair due to design defects and are under process with the help of Chinese and Turkish Railways while 55 others require regular maintenance and would soon be added to the fleet after turn by turn repair.

He said that seven engines that had been in accidents on different occasions are going through the process of fabrication and procurement of spares and would be back on track after completion.

“The remaining four locomotives,” he said, “are overaged after being used for over 30 to 50 years, and are currently under condemnation process.”

The economic life of a diesel-electric locomotive is as long as 20 years, he added.

Via: APP

  • This revenue can be increase if they upgrade the rail lines, multiple rail lines and introduce bullet trains.

  • propakistani is one of pro imran khan website
    and i think they have equal share in destroying country’s economy
    can’t you see what’s happening in the stock exchange
    with the currency of pak
    where r articles on them

    • So if there is profit in Railway they should actually report loss in stock exchange? Salute your logic

  • A simple google search for pakistan railways gave away this article: “Hemorrhaging money: Railways deficit crosses Rs350b mark”

    Published in news a few days ago, ProPak team should report all the facts not just cherry pick bits n info. 39B is revenue what about profit / loss?

    The same railway minister tried to sabotage ML-1 under cpec when he took oath now had to sign the same ML-1 deal in China in BRI conference.

  • It means they were lying for incurring losses about the local train dhabeji express which they has suspended til further orders since march-2019.

  • Dear Increase in Revenue represents approximately 10%,whereas ticket prices gradual increase In 9 months is around 10% to 20%…… so in real terms !!!!!

  • It would be injustice if not recognize the hard work of Khwaja Saad Rafuque for 5 years in his previous tenure to Pakistan Railway.

  • Good News on Sale side. What was the increase in Cost of sales ?

    Needs courage to admit that PMLn Govt., set the base with NEW AMERICAN ENGINES and good work by Khawaja Saad Rafiq who improved the maintenance and repair facilities in house. Sk. Rashid neither has brains nor capacity to claim this.

    • You just check Sh rasheed tenure in Pervaiz era you will definitely admire him.

  • This is the digital era, and railway should essentially be Digitalised, if it had to survive. The operations, rolling stocks, tracks, a 180 degree change. As a concerned citizen I may be able to assist the country/railway to the progressive age of Digitalisation, and its fool proof.

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