PTA Notifies Amendments in Mobile Phone Type Approval Technical Standards

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has notified “Type Approval Technical Standards (Amendment) Regulations, 2019”, allowing the import of only 5 mobile devices in a calendar year by a person for personal use.

The IMEI numbers for such for devices need to contain only GSMA issued Type Allocation Code (TAC) which are reflected within the PTA issued type-approval certificate or PTA website from time to time.

The Amendment in regulation 5 of S.RO 1492(1)/18—In the Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations, 2018, at page 3168, clause (j) of sub-regulation (1) of regulation 5 of S.RO 1492(1)/18, shall be substituted and read as follows:

Provision of Type Allocation Code (TAC) details (e.g. GSMA TAC Certificate or GSMA TAC Code programmed on applied model device etc.) from GSMA Association in case of the device offering IMEI/SIM-based functionality. As part {of. evaluation of type approval request PTA will verify applied TAC with ¦GSMA-database and if needed further verification can be asked directly from GSMA for specific TAC. Upon approval of type approval request, all GSMA TAC (excluding those TAC which is placed on the blacklist by the Authority) issued against the specific model to be included.

The Amendment in regulation 12 of S.R.O. 1492(I)/18.—In the Type Approval-Technical Standards Regulations, 2018, at page 3172, sub-regulation (2) of regulation, 12 of S.R.O 1492(I)/18, states:

The authority shall allow the import of PTA type approved models by all Persons by issuing a certificate of compliant to Technical Standards for use within PTA/FAB allowed frequency bands as per the mentioned conditions.

The amendment in regulation 12 of S.R.O. 1492 (I)/18.—In the Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations, 2018, at page 3172, clause (a) of sub­-regulation (2) of regulation 12 of S.R.O 1492(I)/18, shall be substituted and read as follows:

For SIM/IMEI based Terminal Equipment/Mobile devices on the following conditions:

Parameters Details
PTA Type Approved Mobile Device


Device shall be a model which is PTA Type approved
GSMA Type Allocation Code (TAC) IMEI for device(s) will contain only GSMA issued TAC which are reflected within the PTA issued type approval certificate or PTA website from time to time. Furthermore, no TAC addition will be required for already type approved model and all new TAC notified by GSMA shall be added as and when‘ made available by GSMA and placed on PTA website.
Duplicated/Cloned/ Stolen/Counterfeit IMEI Devices that contain duplicated /cloned stolen / counterfeit shall not be considered for issuance of CoC  by PTA
Undertaking by Applicant Undertaking by the applicant to abide by all GoP, PTA, regulations, and import terminal equipment which are operational/functional, do not incorporate Duplicated/ Cloned/Stolen/Counterfeit IMEI and provide after sales to its customer.
Apply via PTA online Portal


The applicant shall apply via PTA online portal link available at and upload all listed requirement into the portal system”


Amendment in regulation 12 of S.R.O. 1492(I)/18.-—In the Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations, 2018, at page 3173, clause (f) of sub-regulation (2) of regulation 12 of S.R.0 1492(I)/18, shall be substituted and read as follows:

For SIM/IMEI based Terminal mobile device (s) imported by a person for personal use following conditions shall be fulfilled

Parameter Details 
GSMA Type Allocation Code (TAC) IMEI for the device(s) will contain only GSMA TAC excluding placed in blacklist by the Authority.
Duplicated/Cloned/Stolen/ Counterfeit IMEI Mobile devices that contain duplicated/cloned/ stolen/counterfeit shall not be allowed for the issuance of CoC by PTA
Quantity Only 5 mobile devices in a calendar year will be allowed
Apply via PTA online Portal The applicant shall apply via PTA online portal link available at and upload all listed requirement into the portal system.


Foreign Missions including High Commissions and Embassies shall file their COC requests for import of telecommunication equipment through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, they will have to apply for Type approval for terminal equipment after providing required documents/sample/fee to the PTA.

The Amendment in regulation Annexure B of S.R.0.1492 (I)/18—In Annexure-B, at page 3180, serial # 8 of S.R.0 1492(I)/18, shall be substituted and read as follows:

Cellular Mobile Handsets, SIM-based Tablets with Functionality, Dongles, Wingles with IMEI/SIM functionality etc. 5000 100


Checklist for Process of Type Approval Documents

Documents Checklist Requirement


Application Form Mandatory


Application Fee Mandatory


Undertaking from the applicant that PTA Regulations/Directives will be followed Mandatory


Sample (1) Mandatory


After Sales Service Facility/CustomerService Center Mandatory


In the case of a new company NTN, SECP, City Government, Company Profile etc. details where applicable. Mandatory


Declaration of Conformity (DoC) by the manufacturer reflecting the applied device standards e.g. RF, Safety, SAR,EMC/EMI etc. Mandatory


Provision of Type Allocation Code(TAC) details (e.g. GSMA’ TAC Certificate or GSMA TAC Code programmed on applied model deviceetc.) from GSMA Association in case of the device offering IMEI/SIM-based functionality. As part, of evaluation of type approval request, PTA will verify applied TAC with GSMA database and if needed further verification can be asked directly

from GSMA for specific TAC. Upon approval of type approval request, all GSMA TAC (excluding that TAG which is. placed on blacklist by the Authority) issued against the specific model to be included. Furthermore, manufacturers/type approval holder /persons will ensure that device IMEI cannot be modified and no such provision will be built in the mobile device for the user to perform such a change.

Undertaking from the manufacturer that device being type approved is for mass produce consumer purpose only and all native applications installed do not support any customized’ inbuilt encryption as part of its primary device’ functions. Provided that PTA reserves the right to forward relevant device; information to concerned government bodies for -evaluation/clearance as and when deemed necessary. Mandatory
Undertaking from the manufacturer that sanctity/ privacy of the user data shall be ensured Mandatory
Technical Data Sheet, reflectingSpecifications for the device e.g.output power, operating frequency, range etc. Mandatory
System based testing/checking e.g.Operating system, firmware etc. As and when required by PTA


Test Reports for standards reflected within DoC Detailed test reports for standards reflected within Declaration of Conformity shall be submittedto PTA as and when required1 e.g. RF, Safety, SAR, EMC/ EMI etc.



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