Pakistan Ranks High for Rural Populations with Access to Electricity

According to World Bank’s statistics, Pakistan is among the countries with the highest share of the rural population having access to electricity.

As of 2016, the percentage of the rural population that is able to enjoy electricity was marked at 98.1 percent. That is quite high, given that some of Pakistan’s neighboring countries don’t even reach the 90 percent mark.

India’s share of rural population with access to electricity stands at 77 percent. For Bangladesh, the percentage is 68, whereas Afghanistan is at 78.96 percent.


Pakistan Among Top 10 in Access to Electricity: World Bank

The said percentage for China hit the 100 percent mark in 2016. The indicator for developed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States is 100 percent.

However, in many countries, access to electricity in rural areas remained low. These countries include South Africa with a share of 67 percent, Nigeria 41 percent, Kenya 39 percent, Cambodia 36 percent, Ethiopia 26 percent, Zimbabwe 15 percent, and South Sudan 5 percent.

The country with the lowest percentage of the rural population having access to electricity is the Central African Republic with 0.39 percent.

via WorldBank

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