PIA Pilot Takes a U-Turn to Drop Off a Grieving Passenger

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been getting a lot of flak for various reasons these days, however, we have some good news about the national carrier. This time, a PIA pilot stopped a flight to off-load a grieving passenger.

A flight departing from Islamabad International Airport for Jeddah, PK-741, was about to take-off when the cockpit learned that a passenger’s mother has passed away and he was crying. The passenger was understandably heartbroken and due to this, the captain turned the plane around.

The flight resumed its routine flight plan to Jeddah after off-loading the passenger. PIA doesn’t usually offload passengers, making this all the more unique and a good move by the airline.

Other Incidents

Earlier, PIA offloaded flight attendants on a different flight, citing that they were overweight.

In another case, veteran politicians, Rehman Malik of PPP and Ramesh Kumar Vankwani (then PML-N and now PTI) were off-loaded from a PIA flight after a passenger protested against them. The flight was being delayed because they were waiting for the politicians to arrive at their own convenience.

What started as a complaint by a single individual increased to a full-blown protest as more passengers joined in to express their anger over the flight delay.

  • Still wouldn’t fly with PIA not a sensible choice
    Considering , airplanes condition,food quality,staff attitude, junglees always near you, toilets never cleaned , air quality poor( air conditioning never serviced) even the airfare is not competitive
    Should sell the routes to Emirates at an earliest opportunity
    Failed country doesn’t need a failed airline propped by much needed public finances

  • Countries don’t fail its the people who fail their nation.
    People of Pakistan need changing.

  • I love PIA, as it’s our national carrier, Gradually since last 2 years services are much improving.
    In Sha Allah will be again on top, however need to discourage traitors like Ashfaq who put a negative comment.
    I was always travelling in Saudia, but since 2 years decided to travel by PIA, happy to see improvement s

    • May I remind you that when someone offers critical criticism they are not traitors.

      I am sure you know how heavily subsidised our beloved PIA which our poor public end up paying the bill through tax and external Loans. What I don’t understand from people like you is why should a country has to borrow money from outside to subsidise a chronic failure of airline

  • Stop bashing PIA.
    Food is not bad as people make out to be, toilets are clean when you get on the plane.
    Service is better than a lot of airlines.
    We just like to complain because it is Pakistani airline.
    I like to see some of these people behave like they do on PIA,
    on other airlines.
    I only fly PIA and I am very happy.
    A whole group of 20+ went and they looked after us very well.

    • Please stop imposing your opinion on other people. Food is horrible and so is the staff. Dont u remember a cockroach and an insect was found walking in the food.

  • That customer was risking the lives of everyone onboard by keeping his Mobile Device on and using it while the plane in Taxi to runway. The Pilot should have never change the plan for someone that reckless.

  • I, Zahid Ali, have purchased three tickets, from karachi to toronto, for myself my wife and my daughter, on 12th february 2019 for travelling date of 28th April 2019 . The PNR was VAVQV7 and eticket no. was 2142411174683,  2142411174684 and 2142411174685. when i reached to check in counter, the staff issued boarding pass of my wife and my daughter and didint issue the boarding pass of myself. He told me that you dont have clearance from Canada. He refused to give boarding pass to me. I was shocked, then I sent my wife and daughter to Toronto alone. When my wife reached toronto, she asked from immigration officer about my clerance. The immigration officer told my wife that there is no issue from our side. Then I purchased a new ticket of qatar airways for next day (29th April 2019). When i reached checked in counter of qatar airways on very next day, they immediately issue the boarding pass for myself. The PNR for qatar airways was S6YPSZ and eticket no. was1572380966565-1, 1572380966565-2 and 1572380966565-3 (Karachi-Doha-Montreal-Toronto.
    PIA cheated and give my seat to somebody else in waiting otherwise there must be clearance issue for me while travelled qatar airways.

  • Well please have your post proofread before posting it because you are saying A flight departing from Islamabad International Airport for Jeddah, PK-741, was about to take-off when the cockpit learned that a passenger’s mother has passed away and he was crying. The passenger was understandably heartbroken and due to this, the captain turned the plane around.
    If they knew when they were about to take off, how could they turn the plane around? It doesn’t make any sense

  • Unless you do constructive criticism how will things improve. I always by PIA because its my national airline and it has direct flights between lahore and london.
    I can tell you i travel business class where the food is horrible. My seat 4A was in a reclined position and remained in the same position for 8 and a half hours. Entertainment system was just not working. Dont u think i should complain.

    On my way back i had booked 2 seats together. Me and my wife. At the check in counter i was told that our seats numbers in the system were different and me and my sick wife will be sitting apart. I went to the supervisor only to be told there was nothing they could do. We will have to travel sitting apart.
    On reaching lahore i filed a complaint by email and i got a reply that i deserved better service and next time we will ensure you will be looked after.
    By the way, the seat i was sitting had her left hand rest hanging and i could not sit comfortably. Needless to add entertainment system was not working at all.
    My tickets cost me Rs 575,000 each way.
    Problem is there is so much corruption. I wanted to know who changed my seats and why.

  • Recently a plane took off from karachi for london and just after take off the airconditioning failed. Imagine sitting in the plane for 8 hours without an AC.

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