Sehat and Takaful Pakistan Sign MOU for Medical Insurance – an online pharmacy of the Fazal Din Family – and Takaful Pakistan, a leading insurance platform based out of Karachi, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Lahore to provide Takaful policyholders with the facility to purchase their required medicines through Sehat.

This marks a historic milestone in the pharmaceutical industry where patients from all across Pakistan will be able to get their medicines delivered to their homes while paying through their insurance policy.

Takaful Pakistan has an extensive network of policyholders who can avail a variety of healthcare services from doctor consultations to lab tests to medical procedures. Sehat has become their first pharmacy partner in their Health Insurance program.

The attendees for the ceremony were Sehat CEO Nadir Mumtaz, Sehat Director of Marketing Bilal Mumtaz, Takaful Head of Health Dr. Omair Saeed, and Takaful AVP Corporate Lahore Amjad Awan.

Dr. Omair Saeed remarked,

We as part of Takaful are certain that we can target Pakistanis of all socio-economic backgrounds to avail the wide variety of healthcare services that exist in the Takaful framework. We have already made leaps and bounds in the corporate sector, and hope to cater to the entire nation when it comes to their medical needs. Policyholders pay a minimal amount which can entitle them to a great amount of coverage. I feel this partnership can go a long way and will require the utmost of cooperation from both parties.

Mr Nadir Mumtaz added,

We have been working with many different partners for the facilitation of medicine delivery to different parts of Pakistan. Our quality control is modeled after the best healthcare systems in the world, and we take pride in our service and the wonderful response it has gotten – we have shipped medicines to 268 cities since our inception. Sehat is already entrusted as a unique sale point for many sensitive medicines and we hope that this partnership can provide a service that can go hand-in-hand with an insurance platform – a partnership like this is bound to improve the quality of healthcare in Pakistan as a whole.

  • Takaful Pakistan initiatives for pharmaceutical products for online help/delivery. Plan initiate co-operation to qualified/recommended patients particularly Neurology, Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson, Epilepsy etc., in Pakistan for men and women we’re willing to undertake Clinical Trail of patient and seek your collaboration for treatment of patient via Clinical Trail in hospitals for new drugs.
    We seek an audience to discuss the modus operandi with your organisation help/support in Pakistan particularly from Karachi using online tools as Broadband, fix and mobile, multi-media patient check-ups, diagnosis from doctors thru out Pakistan and collaboration for medication via Commercial organisation of Fazal Din with a heart. We have an NGO in process ready shortly for Senior, Men, Women for diagnosis, in Pakistan.

    • Plan monitoring of patients under Clinical Trails with state of the art technology of Wearables which are specially designed and deployed in Karachi for direct online information as vitals of patient, and other paraments on a worldwide basis for patients.

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