Ball Tampering Saga: ICC Clears Umpires & English Players Despite Evidence

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has cleared English pacer, Liam Plunkett, from ball-tampering allegations leveled against him during the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and England.

In a video which surfaced shortly after the match on social media, he was allegedly seen scratching the ball with his nails. The condition of the ball in the last few overs was poor, to say the least, and it has made people talk about the role of English bowlers in the scandal.

Here’s the video:

The English media is notorious spurring controversy during Pakistan tours to the country, however, it failed to point out the alleged tampering with the ball. Had it been a Pakistani cricketer, both the ICC and the English media would have had a different response.

ICC’s statement read:

The ICC has confirmed that the match officials are comfortable there was no attempt by Liam Plunkett to change the condition of the ball or any evidence of this on the over-by-over examinations of the ball throughout Saturday’s ODI clash in Southampton.

ICC’s role in investigating such incidents remains doubtful considering the fact that players from Pakistan have always faced severe sanctions as compared to the other nations. Whether it’s Indian Premier League (IPL), where spot-fixing is pretty much evident, or Australia or England, ICC tends to take a backseat and allow the respective boards to settle out the matter. However, that is not the case when Pakistani players are involved.

The poor condition of the ball may well have cost Pakistan the game as it all changed in the last couple of overs. Despite Pakistan’s limited finishing overs skills, it was a not-so-difficult a chase when Pakistan needed 60 odd from 40 balls. Even if the English players didn’t tamper with the ball, the condition of the ball was clearly unfit for play and it was a clear act of ignorance from the umpires who continue to let the bowlers use such a damaged ball.

The umpires were also called out by the players for constantly ignoring wide deliveries which might also have proven to be one of the factors that changed the match in England’s favour. Several deliveries pitched outside the reference Wide marking but the umpire ruled in favor of the English bowlers even though the batsmen were not moving in their crease.

ICC’s decision to exonerate has sparked plenty of debate on social media, suggesting that a strict stance should have been taken against those involved in the tampering.

Here’s what people are saying:

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  • Seems like ICC caught red handed again, turning a blind eye on open cheating is just Dishonesty and a blatant one, Pakistan should now withdraw from ICC membership on account of Zero tolerance for such incidents, Promote regional games or at National Level, International Level is now full of cheaters who have full support from organizations like ICC.

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