Govt Partners with Daewoo to Launch 1000 Buses in Karachi

Sindh government has decided to launch a new bus service in Karachi. An agreement has been signed with Daewoo, a Korean transport company, to this effect.

Provincial Transport Minister Syed Awais Qadir Shah announced the project during a press conference. He said that the Sindh government has signed a contract with Daewoo bus service’s Managing Director, Shehryar Chishti, to launch a bus service that will introduce 1000 buses in Karachi.

In the initial phase, there will be 40 bus routes, each 10 to 15 kilometers long. Later, the project will extend to other cities of the province as well.

The first phase will launch 60 buses in the metropolis in 60 days. Another 200 will be inducted in the fleet after two months during the second phase of the project.


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Daewoo’s MD revealed that all the buses under this project will come with air conditioning. The transport minister added that these buses will run on CNG, however, the service will not be stopped during CNG outages.

The provincial government has also taken transporters and the other stakeholders onboard. The minister added that the project will not impact anyone.

The transport minister of Sindh originally announced the launch of a bus service in February during the session of the provincial assembly. He also asked for quotations from investors for a bus service comprising 200 buses with 10-route-coverage in Karachi.

  • Daweoo Means
    Sleeper Seat
    Seat with TV
    Separate Washroom
    Foods Meal Kitchen
    Charging Point

    Ye Sub Bhi Shamil Hoto Maza A Jaye : Phir

  • Good News,
    but Im afraid, since its initiate by Sindh Govt. if it even start? or will remain just “News”

  • Honorable MD Daewoo Mr. Shaharyar Chishti Congratulations to yourselves, Daewoo with a track record of operating an intercity bus services for the first time is launched with 1000 buses. Compliments for your initiative on the Anniversary for the United Nation Road Safety Week in the UN Decade of Road Safety in Pakistan. As MD Daewoo you would know what I’m saying. Yesterday in the BBC News was “The world’s first hydrogen double-decker buses will built by Wrightbus will build the buses which will e introduced on three London bus routes next year. The funding for the hydrogen buses is being provided by European bodies and the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. You may visit BBC web site and check this in detail.
    These company has orders from China for hydrogen buses, which will be built in China, and Pakistan name is already registered to import the buses from China. These buses are not CNG which is high pressure gas and subject to cylinders highly explosive. This is for the first time buses are purchased for Karachi and assigned to yourself. A visit will be arranged after your confirmation to inform the United Nations Road Safety Commission whereby a Week of Road Safety is already in progress and would request to please arrange a visit ASAP.
    Best wishes
    from the Padestrians of Karachi on the roads, from Schools, nursery, kindergarton, from Seniors, from mothers who take children and cross the road. Today millions of poeple dies while crossing roads.

  • A healthy indicator from GOS towards factory AC bus, with CNG cylinders which carry enough weight and the risk of cylinder blowing up, refilling, leakage. As in Sindh please tell if there are chairs on the roof top, or a carpet on which passenger will sit at 50% off. Is the bus enough to take a Laden weight of Kg., ? What about the release of CNG passengers release which is not highly toxic, but toxic, and not ignitable. The buses are automatic, then it will not work on CNG, as the gear reduction is manual. Windows are automatic or manual? Is there luggage compartment above the seat, otherwise there can be low cost ticket for sleeper, who can go on the rack. What is empty laden weight of the bus with passenger.?

  • as a frequent user of Public transport, i REALLY hope this actually materializes.

    60 days means around late July or Early August !

    i really hope to see some solid setup of the routes in this regard !

    and punctuality of the buses should be the TOP priority !

    no stupid ” waiting for the peeche wali gaari ” non-sense !

    hoping this project takes off !

  • Local mafia won’t let this happen. They destroyed the whole train system for their own benefits. I have serious doubts about this. But I, as a Pakistani, am hopeful.

  • Daewoo means Zardari and company, Just like how Zardari destroyed PIA and Railway to support Daewoo Service.

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