Japan is Already Testing the Fastest Bullet Train in the World

Japan’s next gen bullet train has just gone into testing. Made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hitachi, the Shinkansen (Japanese for bullet train) Alfa-X is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour, making it the world’s fastest bullet train.

The train will go into operation in 2030, but before that, the Alfa-X has to go through several years of test runs at nighttime. The test runs are going to happen at midnight, twice a week between the cities of Aomori and Sendai.

Here’s what the train will look like:

To cope with high speeds, it has a rather funny looking 72-foot long aerodynamic nose, designed to minimize pressure and noise made by the train, particularly as it goes through tunnels. It will use roof mounted air-brakes and magnetic plates underneath for braking.

Keep in mind that the Alfa-X is going to be the fastest bullet train only and not the fastest train overall. The train that currently holds that title is Shanghai’s maglev. Using magnets to hover above the rails, the maglev train is capable of reaching speeds of up to 431 kilometers per hour.

Though the Alfa-X is not going to be the world’s fastest train, it is going to carry Japan’s legacy of record-breaking bullet trains.

  • Pakistani Railway Minister should approach to Japan to Invest in Pakistan for World Fastest Train.

  • China holds the credit to operate Siemens AG., Maglev technology train from Germany. It is the quietest train in which the wheel are up in the space, hence no friction, no noise. The Japanese Shinkansen is the patented engineering of the Japanese which they licensed to India, the US, and several European cities etc., The Alpha X Japanese train mentioned by PP is the one we should after, where it would drop us in Lahore in two hours, and in the comfort of airconditioning, no noise, no dust. Lets pray for a better Pakistan.

  • The Alpha-X technology released only from Japan surpassed the Maglev from Siemens which is deployed at Shanghai and in use for the last many years.
    Japan’s first initiative in reference to train was the KCR Karachi Circular Railway BOT (Build, Operator, Transfer) was funded by JICA.
    The Circular Railway Project Karachi being totally encroached, politicised is lying in the worst condition Japan ever came across. I would suggest the relevant authorities Federal, Local to liaise with JICA and discuss the matter with the respective/relevant authorities to sort out the matter so project should be executed which is delayed to almost decades. This will open a way of cooperation between Pakistan and JICA in broader perspective of transport services in Karachi.

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