KP Govt. to Set Up Pakistan’s First Ever Meat-Testing Lab

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has decided to set up Pakistan’s first-ever meat-testing laboratory in Peshawar.

The lab is expected to be completed by next year. The provincial government has completed the initial draft of the state-of-the-art laboratory, with an estimated cost of Rs. 15 million.

The formation of a meat-testing laboratory is the need of the hour, as the sale of substandard or dead animal meat is widespread in Pakistan. The practice is prevalent because there are no testing standards and no proper information.


Chicken Meat in Pakistan Contains Harmful Drugs: NA Committee Told

A few days ago, the KP Food authority confiscated a consignment of rotten frozen chicken that was meant to be supplied to the markets in Peshawar.

The Night Squad of the provincial food authority carried out the operation, after receiving information from the emergency response unit that a shipping container with rotten, frozen chicken was entering Peshawar.

The squad responded immediately and intercepted the consignment neat the Chamkani area along the Grand Trunk Road. The ensuing inspection revealed that more than two tons of rotten chicken meat were to be supplied to the vendors for sale.

Via: ExpressTribune

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