WhatsApp Exploit Allowed Hackers to Install Israel-Made Spyware on Phones

Spyware attacks are more common than you think. In many cases, where companies cannot be targeted directly they face indirect cyber-attacks instead. Recently, in a similar situation, WhatsApp was unintentionally made part of the process.

A buffer-overflow weakness in the Facebook-owned messaging app allowed the attacker to plant Pegasus, a type of spyware, in the victim’s smartphone. This cyber-attack gave the hacker access to all encrypted chats, phone calls, microphone, contacts, photos, basically anything and everything on the phone.

WhatsApp and an Israeli software group NSO, both have confirmed the buffer-overflow bug. They have acknowledged that it is not necessary for the victim to pick up the call, just getting the notification for the call on their device is enough for the hacker to plant the virus.

The description WhatsApp gave for the bug is shown in the following image.

Affected Targets

The virus planted in the victim’s phone belongs to NSO and is licensed to the government. It is used by the government to gain access to their targets. According to NSO, the list of victims is pretty short but still, the hackers have not been identified at the moment.

NSO and WhatsApp tracked the recent attack to the on-going human rights practices in the Middle Eastern countries. One of the failed cyber-attack attempts was made on a UK-based human rights lawyer who helped a Saudi protestor.

Human right activists in the region have previously attempted these attacks as well.

WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp was notified about the bug at the start of May and the company has issued a fix on the server side by May 10th. The secured versions of WhatsApp were sent out on 13th May, for Android and iOS versions since the buffer overflow vulnerability is found in both versions.

The official statement from the company reads,

WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest version of our app, as well as keep their Mobile operating system up to date, to protect against potential targeted exploits designed to compromise information stored on mobile devices.

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