Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Leaked User Manual Tells You Not to Peel off The Plastic Layer

Samsung’s ill-fated Galaxy Fold had been a hot topic for a few weeks, especially since the company had to recall all of the phones to work on the issues. Rumors are circulating that Samsung is readying for a launch in June, just ahead of Mate X launch in July.

This time, it looks like Samsung has actually prepared for it. A user manual for the AT&T version of Galaxy Fold was leaked by the Korean media and Samsung has issued some warnings in the manual to prevent any problems from occurring.

Screen Peel Warning

In the initial test and trial batch, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee tried to peel off the protective plastic layer like on the handset’s display, thinking it was a screen protector. The screen immediately died and he got a replacement from Samsung.

Due to this, Samsung has issued a warning saying that the layer, even though it does not wrap around the edges and looks like a screen protector, is an integral part of the screen and should not be peeled off. The same warning is also written on the retail box packaging.

The warning in the manual and on the retail box reads,

ATTENTION – The main screen includes a special protective layer. Peeling off the protective layer or using any adhesives on the main screen, such as screen protectors or stickers, may cause damage.

Fold Crease

Remember the crease in the middle that was visible when the Galaxy Fold was unfolded? Well, Samsung has acknowledged that it is a part of the device. The fold does not depict a kind of issue or malfunction. This is also mentioned in a note on the user manual.

The note reads,

You may notice a crease at the center of the Main screen. This is a normal characteristic of the device. When folding the device, make sure that no objects are placed between the screens.

In any case, it’s good to see that Samsung is finally getting it together for the Galaxy Fold. Hopefully, it won’t suffer from other issues after its launch.

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