Amazon Fire 7 Series Refreshed With Better Internals But Same Price

Amazon’s Fire tablet range has been providing a cheap alternative to iPads and other premium tablets. The Android tablet arena started off as a promising market but has proven to be a massive failure.

Tech giants like Samsung and Huawei are still manufacturing high-end tablets but the whole market has come to a halt.

However, when it comes to Amazon Fire, the series of tablets attracts the consumers with low prices. Since the tablet series provides all the entry-level features as it lets you read books, watch videos and browse social media, it is a good bargain.

Amazon Fire 7 is a year-old model but Amazon has decided to refresh it and re-release it with better processing abilities and double the memory.

Amazon Fire 7

Like its previous model, Amazon Fire 7’s renewed model also comes at $49.99. Called ‘the entertainment tablet’, it comes with a quad-core processor with double the memory as compared to the previous version.

The new tablet features 16 GB memory, and the manufacturer has also promised the 32 GB Amazon Fire 7 in the near future. The tablet has a break and scratch resistant 7-inch display.

The new model supports Alexa hands-free mode which allows easy access to calls and messages. The battery time claimed by Amazon is 7 hours, an hour less than the previous Amazon Fire 7.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids

Amazon has also refreshed the kid’s version of Amazon Fire 7. It is spill and drop resistant and comes with a childproof case as well.

The innards are the same as the basic version, however, the price tag is double i.e. $100. The price tag is justified because the kid’s version comes with two years of worry-free guarantee and one year of unlimited access to the kid’s library with kids’ friendly books and games.

Both the tablets are available for pre-order and will start shipping on June 6th.

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