PIA to Take Action Against Pilot Who Offloaded Flight Attendant for Fasting

The captain of a PIA flight from Islamabad to Birmingham offloaded a cabin crew member for fasting.

PK-791 was ready for departure from Islamabad International Airport on Thursday when an argument ensued between the captain and the flight attendant.

The captain inquired and found out that the attendant was observing fast during the flight and asked him to break the fast as it is not allowed during the flight.

The flight steward claimed that he was allowed to fast on duty and it wasn’t against any rules or policy. The captain, however, insisted that fasting during flight is against the rule as per a circular and he couldn’t commence the flight unless the staff member was offloaded.

The flight steward was offloaded and the flight departed on time for Birmingham, United Kingdom.

PIA official Spokesman has said that no such prohibition of fasting exists for on-duty staff members and the administrative action will be taken against the pilot.

  • No wonder PIA was loosing money! If pilots make the rules? There must have been a personal grudge, this pilot should be punished according to Airline rules.

  • I used to fly and promote pia but since I had bad experience with pia I stopped flying with pia no 1 staff ignorant no2 no entertainment like tv video Wi-Fi on international flight air Stewart on economy class doesn’t listen to you conditions of plane inside is crap staff needs proper training in one flight both captain and first officer were outside cockpit which was not leagle one should be always on seat with seatbelt this was 5 yrs ago also regarding fast captain got no right to off load Stewart for fasting these pia pilots should only concentrate on cockpit .

  • This is insane. Showing the lack of professionalism and absence of good management.

  • Both seem to be right in their own spaces. If there were any rules not to fast, Pilot is on the right, otherwise he must face the music.

  • Fast is not allowed for cabin crew during duty hours by civil aviation law.captain follwed the rule.

  • According to Islamic point of view if you are traveling u may not go for fast it’s OK.
    Islam does not bound u Islam does easier ur life.

    • Yeah and it doesn’t make it necessary to skip the fast if you are traveling. So its up to the person if s/he wants to keep the fast or not

  • This is the rule! The steward is meant to be fully attentive in the event of an emergency. They aren’t just there to give you awful microwaved food. They have to manage all passengers in the event of an emergency. It is a crucial part of their role. That is why they are not allowed to fast! If I board a flight and I find out that the steward is fasting I would have him/her kicked off the plane or break the fast.

  • PIA once stool my whole bag on international flight, which had many valuables. Never trusted them again

  • when pia management will submit its annual report to stock exchange. by keep sclient pia management act is criminal act.

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