PTCL Targets Aggressive Expansion as it Returns to Profitability

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is back on the road of profitability. After a period of recovery of four years, the company is now targeting expansion as its business strategy for the future.

The telecom giant recorded year-on-year revenue growth in 2018 for the first time since 2014, with net profits showing a 22 % year-on-year growth. It sustained this profitability in 2019 with 95% profit growth in the first quarter of this year compared to last year.

PTCL’s major subsidiaries including— Ufone and U Microfinance Bank—continued to play a pivotal role in the overall profitability of its parent company.

During the past four years, the company witnessed several operational challenges and the competition is one of the factors. In this period, the company also laid off thousands of employees and hired staff from top to lower level including Chief Executive Officer.

PTCL’s new management under its new CEO Rashid Khan set to adopt an aggressive and expansion focused line-of-action.

Its subsidiary, U Microfinance Bank, a profitable and growing bank unveiled its plan to set up 60 new branches and 10 services centers across the country. The massive widening of footprints by a microfinance bank in one year is a significant step, which can only be taken as the large scale expansion by a profitable and leading conventional big bank.

The company also decided to upgrade its 100 exchanges under the Network Transformation Project in different parts of the country to improve its operational performance and revenue earnings.

Its subsidiary Ufone is going to launch 4G technology on its network in major cities in the same year, 2019.

Such plans depict a promising growth in the telecom and banking sectors through this telecom giant including inflows of foreign and local investments and generations of high skilled jobs in the country.

With these investments and developments plans, the widespread and strong rumors died down regarding the merger and acquisition deal of PTCL or its subsidiary Ufone with another telecom company. PTCL’s management had sessions with the management of China Mobile Company previously in this regard too.

Now the operational and business challenges are coming to an end and the ICT giant is set to rise once again. This is a time for its investor, Etisalat to think over paying back the much-awaited amount of nearly $800 million, which has been due since 2008 — the year of its privatization.

The issue of payment has become a deadlock between the government and the UAE-based Etisalat over the row property transfer issue. But the fresh news is the group is ready to settle the issues with the government.

The inflow of $800 million with or without late payment surcharge will be a gift of the incumbent government from fate which is presently working to attract billions of dollars to maintain its foreign exchange reserves.

  • PTCL Management ko FBR / SBP Main Hona Chahyeh tha :
    Inho He Policy Aisi Bnaaye hai K Gaaaliayaan Parhne K Bawajood Bhi User MAJBOOR Hai Payment Dene K Liye

    FBR / SBP Main Aisa Ho to 5 Se 10 Saalo Main IMF K Loan Utar Jayenge


    • I don’t know where you’re from but PTCL still sucks. It’s services aren’t good. Ping 80 sy nechy jaati hi nahi ha. Aaj kal kabhi aa raha ha ya ja raha ha ya jab nahi jata tou phir speed 8Mbps myn sy 1Mbps bhi nahi aa rahi hoti ha. Acha mazaq laga rakha ha. Hmary ghar sy 3 streets ky distance py DB ha PTCL orr optical fibre ki DB hmary ghar ki Wall ky sath ha bilkul inhyn hazar baar keh chuky hyn hmara optical fibre py kar do internet nahi kr rahy kabhi koi baat tou kabhi koi baat karty hyn. Kabhi kehty hyn aap ka no. change krna pary ga fiber sy connect krny ky liye kabhi kehty hyn hoo jaye ga kabhi kehty hyn hum connect kr rahy hyn aap wait karyn apny no. ky liye . Hum inn ky customer 1980 sy hyn hum ny sab sy pehly PTCL lagwaya tha apny area myn apni wire lagwai thi 500 meter ki issy use krny ky liye orr iss tarha dekha jaye tou hmara no. Sab sy pehly aata ha lekin inho ny hmary ilawa sab ka connect kr diya ha fiber sy lekin hmary sath sab sy bura salook ha I think this is the worst ISP in Pakistan there’s no other worse ISP other then this.

      • i’m from rawalpindi and i just got my connection recently 6mbps on their “upgraded copper network” yes,its not fiber, and 6mbps connection has zero dis connectivity .I recently commented on a post that ptcl has disconnectivity but turns out it was just a router issue. my 6mbps connection gives me about 600-800 kbps download speed and at night it’s even higher.
        2800rs ka package hai

  • Yahan Turbat mein ptcl ka fiber har do din bad kat jata hai, pata nahi ye fiber hai ya koi dhaga jo thori se bhi hawa chalne se kat jata hai. Humein azab kar ke rakha hua hai ptcl ne.

  • Welcome on board Mr. Rashid Khan trust you will coordinate Etisalat management for payment ASAP. Pakistan considers UAE, Etisalat, its economic interests the most favourite country visited, worked. Infact UAE benefited the most from Pakistan HR, love, affection, economic and bilateral treaties, JV, and of course the largest company of Pakistan which is heart PTCL to UAE. Pakistan businesses collaborates, worked hard in UAE, with the best of ICT, AI, and look forward progress for co-operation in public transport as EV buses, Digitalised Railways which work is in progress, and may possibly share with you for collaboration in UAE and ROW for cooperation/JV’s.
    PTCL network Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (G-PON) is not started as yet, ignored. It should be open and promoted ASAP, I’m an applicant listening on feasibilities for a basic telephony/internet delayed for feasibility. What feasibility is seen for a basic OFC connection.

  • User in karachi Saadi Town area just closed my connection this week because of worst service by these looters my area is still on copper ADSL connection no plus no major upgrade to area may come in future for area told by guy working at exchange.

    Ptcl only upgraded their exchanges where storm fiber cybernet and cablenet had taken away their customers.

    Only get connection if gpon is available.

  • Their GPON and VDSL services are awesome! But unfortunately, they haven’t upgraded most of their exchanges with these technologies. I’m desperately waiting for GPON, or at least VDSL to arrive in my city exchange. :P When it does, I’ll go for a 15Mbps connection.

  • Figures are always rosy (and fudged). All PTCL needs to do is to focus on quality of its service instead of claiming turn-around.

  • If PTCL has to compete with other Fibrlink cable network ins Pakistan who offer faster speed at rates lower than PTCL, it has to reduce rates drastically. They need to expand their network with small profits.

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